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It’s commonly known that home duties require lots of your time not to mention efforts. This means that every day you should do many necessary and not always pleasant things. Tappan smart domestic appliances can free you from spending too much of your valuable time in the kitchen by taking those duty shifts. Moreover, you can easily choose the design of the devices which suit your home style the best. With Tappan units, the kitchen will definitely become your favorite place in the house. Tappan is a great opportunity to see it another way.

Affordable and proficient home appliance fixing service

Using professional repair and maintenance service to protect your Tappan devices from possible malfunctions and fix the existing ones is the wisest solution. That’s why satisfying the high need of local residents in extremely competent and affordable repairs available 24/7 our expert fixer company offers a broad spectrum of high-standard fix and maintenance services.

The main purpose of our well-experienced and knowledgeable team of certified repairmen is to deliver inexpensive and exceptional quality in-home repairs for all types and brands of major kitchen and laundry appliances like washer, dryer, fridge, and others. From here on, your Tappan appliances are secured and protected by our skilled fix specialists because we strive to deliver only the best and most convenient servis:

  • simple contact options via phone and online;
  • affordable prices and fair fixing quote estimate;
  • discounts and money-saving options;
  • the full-time technical assistance and informational support along with flexible working hours (weekend included);
  • free tips and advice from our tech experts;
  • fast arriving in emergency situations;
  • quick response, smart and effective repair solutions;
  • preventive maintenance to remove future potential faults.

Trust us to take care of your broken or damaged home devices and we guarantee you numerous benefits and the best result. Let the professional malfunction removers to fix your washer, repair your dryer, restore fridge and return the comfort and convenience in your home.

Tappan stove repair and oven fix

Any person who ever cooked meal clearly understands the importance of flawless operation of such kitchen appliances like cooktop, range, stove, and oven. We put all efforts to ensure our local customers to get quick and the most qualitative fixing services in case of emergency or planned maintenance appointment. Our skilled repairmen are directed at delivering convenient repair solutions with:

  • broken and malfunctioning units;
  • electric issues, removed by certified electricians  in accordance with all safety and security regulations;
  • mechanic problems of different levels of sophistication for all stove and oven models;
  • replacing worn out parts and components;
  • accurate setup and installation;
  • cooktop integration.

Seeking for an accurate and top-quality stove fix or oven repair at inexpensive cost don’t hesitate to contact our skilled handymen.

Thor Kitchen Oven Repair

Whether you like to bake or cook regular meals in the oven, your Thor Kitchen oven will make it even more fun. If your oven isn’t working right, you should call a professional right away to find out what’s wrong. Don’t try to cook in an oven that isn’t working the way it should.
Call us and we can fix your Thor Kitchen oven the same day. We come with all the tools and parts we need to make fixes right there on the spot.
Common Thor Kitchen Oven issues we can solve
The oven not heating up
Uneven heating
The self-cleaning feature not working
The door not closing properly
Strange noises
The control panel not responding
Electrical issues

Thor Kitchen Stove Repair

It is a dream to cook on a Thor Kitchen stove. Practical tools like these can often be an eyesore in a kitchen, but Thor Kitchen has put a lot of time & effort into making theirs look good.
If your Thor Kitchen stove needs fixing, you can call our experts for quick help. Not only do we fix things quickly, but we also know how valuable each item is, so we take care not to do any extra damage.
Common Thor Kitchen Stove issues we can solve
Burners not lighting
Uneven heating
The oven not heating up
The self-cleaning feature not working
The control panel not responding
Electrical issues

Thor Kitchen Fridge Repair

Thor Kitchen on pages for brands there are many different styles and kinds of freezers. The model you choose will rely on your wants, how many people live in your home, and how much money you have. No matter what type you have, if you need skilled repairs, our team will be right over to fix any problem.
Our experts will come to your home with all the tools and parts they might need to fix things on the first visit. Our goal is to fix all Thor Kitchen on brand pages fridges in just one trip.
Common Thor Kitchen Fridge issues we can solve
Not cooling
Leaking water
The ice maker not working
Strange noises
The door not closing properly
Freezer frost build-up
Electrical issues

Thor Kitchen Dishwasher Repair

You have to love how easy it is to put dishes in your Thor Kitchen dishwasher, press a few buttons, and then do something else while it does the work. Without it, you’d have to spend a lot of time bent over the kitchen sink.
If you need to fix your Thor Kitchen dishwasher, always call a professional for fast and trustworthy help. Maar24 Appliance Repair guarantees that you will be happy with every Thor Kitchen dishwasher repair we do.
Common Thor Kitchen Dishwasher issues we can solve
Not cleaning dishes properly
Leaking water
Making strange noises during operation
Not starting or turning on
Water not draining properly
The soap dispenser not working
Not completing the full wash cycle
Overheating or tripping circuit breakers

Thor Kitchen Washer Repair

You might not use your Thor Kitchen washer every day, but when you do, it’s probably one of the most vital things in your house. If your dryer won’t turn on or if you notice any other problem, it’s best to wait to do laundry until our team can diagnose and fix the problem.
Our fast, same-day Thor Kitchen washer fixes will get your washer up and running quickly so you don’t have to wash your clothes by hand or rush to the Laundromat.
Common Thor Kitchen Washer issues we can solve
Not spinning or agitating
Leaking water
Not starting or turning on
Making strange noises during operation
Not draining water properly
Not filling with water
Displaying error codes or messages
Excessive vibration during operation

Thor Kitchen Dryer Repair

After your washer is done, it’s up to your dryer to dry your clothes so they are ready to put away. Dryers can have problems from time to time, but our expert techs at Maar24 Appliance Repair can fix these problems quickly.
Call us right away if your Thor Kitchen dryer is too hot, not getting warm enough, or has any other problem. We can fix any Thor Kitchen dryer at any time, day or night.
Common Thor Kitchen Dryer issues we can solve
Not heating up
Not tumbling
Making strange noises
Taking too long to dry clothes
Clothes coming out wrinkled or damaged
Burning smell
Drum not spinning

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