Cancellation Policy


If you find it necessary to cancel your Appliance Repair appointment, we ask that you please call us at 647-303-4997 directly. When calling, please note that the voicemails left after hours can’t be considered as an official cancelation request for your appointment.

To make sure that the right cancelation of your service call, it is vital to speak with one of our team members at live support. Our live support agents are here to help you efficiently and promptly.

When you call us for a cancelation, you’ll be provided with a unique appointment cancelation code over the phone call. It’ll help us to maintain a clear record of your application and ensure a seamless process for you.

Short-Notice Appointment Cancellations

At Maar24 Appliance Repair in Canada, we strive to accommodate our customers’ needs to the best of our skills. We believe that sometimes unwanted situations might need short-notice appointment cancelation or rescheduling the job less than 4 hours before our arrival. However, we want to ensure fairness and transparency in such circumstances.

  • Cancelation fee – For short-notice rescheduling or cancelation appointments within 4 hours of our visit, a cancelation fee is equivalent to a service call fee plus the cost of any parts ordered or acquired for your repair task. We respectfully request your understanding as well as cooperation in the matter.
  • Respect our staff – Our mechanics and technicians work honestly to provide you with the top service possible. We kindly ask that you respect their job and time by adhering to 4hrs cancelation policy whenever possible. It not only reduces costs related to our transportation and time but also makes sure that our experts can serve all our valued clients in a better way.
  • Parts cost – If we’ve acquired or ordered specific parts for your home appliance jobs and a contract was made, we’ll need you to cover the costs of these parts in case of short-notice cancelations. It helps us to manage our expenses and maintain our commitment to providing quality services.

Service Call Fee for Non-Compliance

We understand that sometimes unexpected situations arise, as well as appointments to be adjusted. However, we kindly request your cooperation with our cancelation policy to reduce insolvencies for our mechanics and other clients.

Failure to comply with our cancelation procedure will outcome in a service call fee. The service call charges are set at $120 plus tax. It is vital to note that this fee can vary depending on multiple factors such as time of the day, location, and some other relevant considerations.

We want to emphasize that we strive to offer fair and transparent costs for our appliance repair services and the service call fee is meant to cover the resources and time allocated for your repair, installation, or hookup service appointment. By adhering to the cancelation policy at Maar24, you help us allocate our resources fairly and efficiently.

Payment and Timeliness

If a service call fee is applicable due to non-compliance with the Maar24 Cancelation policy, we respectfully request that payment be made within 24 hours of the actual appointment time. Timely payment makes sure that we can continue to offer premium quality services to our respected customers and allocate resources efficiently.

  • Ensuring Fineness – Timely payment ensures complete fairness to both clients and our team. Our goal is to provide fine service to all our customers in Ontario and this includes prompt payment of service call fee.
  • Resource Allocation – Your timely payment permits us to allocate our resources effectively. We can continue to offer high quality services to all of our clients without disruptions or delays.
  • Sustaining Service Excellence – By fixing the service call fee promptly, you contribute to the sustainability of our home appliance service excellence. This makes sure that we can maintain our high standards of repair, installation, and hookup service for all our customers.

We understand that unforeseen situations can arise, so we approach the Maar24 cancelation policy with flexibility and fairness in mind. It is vital to bear in mind that the service call fee is not intended as a punitive measure but as a method to cover the time as well as resources allocated for your repair appointment.

Our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction extends to each aspect of our service, including our fair cancelation policy. We appreciate your understanding & cooperation regarding timely payment in case it becomes necessary.

Should you’ve any concerns or questions about our cancelation policy or the associated service call fee, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support members. We’re here to help you promptly and expertly, ensuring that your experience with Maar24 Appliance Repair remains stress-free and convenient.

As leading Home appliance repair service provider in Ontario, Canada, our aim is to satisfy our customers. We do our best to provide high class services.

Thank you for choosing Maar24 Home Appliance Repair in Canada for your appliance repair requirements. We look forward to serving you and offering the wonderful service you deserve.

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