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Maar24 Maintenance Services offers you a desire range of repair and maintenance services in Ontario. A handyman is a lot more efficient than you might think if you hire an expert from Maar24.

Whether it’s your office, villa, or home we’ve extended our reach anywhere in Ontario. From washer, dryer, fridge, range, and dishwasher repair and installations paired with maintenance services.

After Maar24 Maintenance Service experts will reach you immediately after you schedule an appointment with us. Avail hassle-free experience only from us.

Type of Maintenance Services We Do At Maar24

  • Dishwasher Maintenance

Dishwashers are handy ways to get a bigger load of dishes cleaned at once, but if you do not ensure to take care of it correctly, you’d end up with major problems that render your appliance out of order. Prevent these problems from building up by having an efficient maintenance service to keep your home appliance working its best.

  • Refrigerator Maintenance

You want your fridge to last, particularly because it’s one of the most vital home appliances in your home. Keeping your food from spoiling is a top priority and if any problems from improper Maintenance occur, you could cost yourself huge money. Maar24 Appliance Maintenance takes care of routine maintenance for your fridge so you get the longest house out of it.

  • Dryer Maintenance

Home appliances that offer any type of heat need proper maintenance to make sure that nothing is a fire hazard. Cloth dryer lint can cause fires if it builds up, and cleaning it out of the trap can assist in preventing a large number of other problems. We at Maar24 Appliance Maintenance can ensure that this job is completed correctly so you can avoid expensive fixes and fires.

  • Oven and Stove Maintenance

Your stove and oven are used often to cook your family foods, but if they are not maintained well, they might have some bigger problems down the line. With same-day Maintenance service, you can let us fix any appliance Maintenance problems and make sure that your machines will work great in the future.

  • Microwave Maintenance

Microwaves are a fast and simple solution to quick dinners and reheating leftovers, but if you are not taking care of your appliances correctly, Maintenance problems can happen. If you have been asking yourself, where is a Maintenance service near me in Ontario? Then, professionals at Maar24 Appliance Maintenance can be exactly what you are searching for.

  • Range Maintenance

Having a new range is a wonderful thing, but after Maintenance is required, you might feel like it is more of a headache. Well, if you do not want to take a chance on trying to fix the problem yourself, you can call us at 647-303-4997 and have our Maintenance experts come out and do the job professionally for you.

  • Washer Maintenance

Washers can have bad smell issues that happen from heavy use, and with several fixes being a headache to handle on your own, you might want to call in the experts. With Maar24 Appliance Maintenance, you can have your washer fixed and back in working order in just one day.

Why Appliance Maintenance is extremely important?

Just like any machine, your home appliance needs to tune up to continue to work perfectly. Without it, your appliances will show symptoms of wear and tear ahead of time.

These are the advantages of using our regular appliance Maintenance service:

  • Dryers dry faster
  • Fridges cool more efficiently
  • Washing machines smell fresher
  • Range burners ignite quickly
  • Clothes get cleaner
  • The dishwasher clean & sanitize better
  • Increase in home appliances
  • Electricity bills decrease
  • Reduce the risk of appliance failure
  • Reduce house fire risk
  • Oven temperatures are more efficient
  • The house is clear of pollutants and mold

Maar24 Appliance Maintenance Services – What to Expect?

When you schedule a Maintenance Service appointment with Maar24 Maintenance Services, your expert appliance professional will provide your laundry or kitchen appliances with a detailed inspection and will clean internal parts.

Your washer Maintenance includes a detailed eighteen point inspections featuring:

  • Both top-load and front-load washing machines
  • Fill cycle & temperature checks
  • Spin & agitate speed checks
  • Motor and belt inspections
  • Drain checks
  • Hose inspections
  • Sanitize and clear door boot
  • Electric unit checks
  • Run a cycle with washer clear and much more.

Your dryer Maintenance includes detailed thirteen-point inspections featuring:

  • Support checks and drum seal
  • Intake & exhaust inspections
  • Electric unit inspections
  • Leveling
  • Temperature & moisture sensor inspection and cleaning
  • A thorough cleaning of the inside of your dryer and exhaust vents and much more.

Your fridge Maintenance includes a detailed nine-point inspection featuring:

  • Complete electric unit inspection
  • Thermostat & air damper check
  • Level check
  • Defrost evaporation & drain inspection
  • Drip pan, condenser coil door gasket cleaning, and much more

Your dishwasher Maintenance includes a detailed thirteen-point inspection featuring:

  • Spray and pump cleaning
  • Motor shaft and pump inspection
  • Full electrical system inspection
  • Level check and Water distribution
  • Draining and gasket check
  • Door gasket clean filter and much more

Your Cooking Range Maintenance includes bunch of detailed inspection featuring:

  • Inspect the electric unit for correct ground and secure connections.
  • Visually check readily nearby wiring insulation for cracks & or peeling
  • Check the oven door gasket and door for the right alignment. Ensure the gasket is soft and clean.
  • Clean door gasket.
  • Level range and ensure the anti-trip part is installed.
  • Heat check microwave oven controls for correct temperatures.
  • Clean around burners.
  • Check and adjust the timer/clock as needed.
  • Test self-cleaning lock system.
  • Check oven burners, surfaces, and elements.
  • Check electric controls to make sure the right features.
  • Clean/wipe down the exterior of the machine with an appropriate cleaner.

Scheduling your home appliance Maintenance appointment with us now to make sure that all of your appliances are in their right working condition all year around and will provide you with professional, fast, and efficient service!!!

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