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Cooking food is a breeze and a time saver with a microwave. They make it simple to reheat or heat our meals, make popcorn, and instantly warm beverages. The new advanced inverter technology helps to evenly heat everything from breakfast meals to dinner foods.

When your microwave oven no longer works smartly or has fully stopped working it takes time instead of minutes to prepare a meal on the oven or stove. The great news is that you mightn’t have to buy a new one.

You’d contact an experienced home appliance repair company like Maar24 in Ontario. We’ll send an expert microwave technician to your site to diagnose the issue, give you a quote, order the essential parts, and have it working as find as a new one in a quick time.

Common Issues We Can Solve at Maar24 Microwave Repair

Microwaves have become a key part of our kitchens, offering fast and convenient cooking ways. But just like any other machine, microwaves might experience problems over time. If your microwave is no longer working as desired, do not hesitate to reach out for help from Maar24 Home Appliance Repair Company immediately.

Our qualified team can address several microwave issues, such as:

  • Turntable issues – An inactive turntable can result in unevenly cooked food. We are experts in diagnosing and repairing turntable motors as well as mechanism problems to restore their good performance.
  • Not heating properly – If your machine is failing to heat meals evenly or correctly, this would be the reason for a faulty magnetron or another internal part failing.
  • Microwave arcs or sparks – If your appliance is sparking or producing some kind of electrical arcs, this could be the reason for damage to its waveguide cover or fault in the stirrer fan, metal objects inadvertently installed inside, faulty magnetron or failure, etc.
  • Control panel display issues – Our experts can diagnose and resolve microwave control panel issues if it’s nonresponsive or shows any error code in the display.
  • Unusual sounds – Unusual sounds coming from your microwave could sign of problems with its motor, fan, or other parts.
  • Latch or door seal issues – A latch or incorrect door seals might result in improper working and safety risks, leading to problems in terms of both security and features.

Our microwave Repair Technicians

Experienced technicians at Maar24 Appliance Repair specialize in diagnosing and fixing microwave problems. We’re the best in town to provide fast, efficient service to our customers. At maar24 we provide comprehensive microwave oven repair and installation services to residents living within Ontario. Our experts have a lot of experience dealing with several brands and models to restore them to their right working order.

Different types of microwave model repair

Our microwave repair experts possess extensive knowledge regarding any model of microwave, from drawer models to built-in models and over-the-range models to built-in and more. No matter which models you own, our trained and qualified repairman can diagnose and address its problems.

Why Choose Our Microwave Repair Services?

Affordable Pricing

Customers want good service for an affordable price. An established home appliance repair company relies on the quality of its repair service and not on overcharging the client. It is vital to hire an affordable microwave repair service so you do not end up paying much more than the actual of a new machine.

Fast and Efficient Service

You want your microwave fixed fast. A skilled technician will provide quick and efficient service. Once they arrive at your door, they’ll diagnose the issue, give you a cost for the problem, immediately repair the issue, or order the required parts.

Keep you informed

A home appliance repair company should keep you well-informed so you experience problem-free service. If an expert has to order a part, you’ll receive a phone call from customer support once it has arrived. An expert will return to your site install the component and test it to make sure your microwave works.

Available 24/7

You need assistance, whenever you need it. If you need 24/7 appliance repair service in town, for your microwave oven, a qualified person should help you without charging extra, even if you call over the weekend or during the off-days.

Common FAQs about Microwave Problems

Why is my microwave not heating?

One of the main reasons your appliance mightn’t heat can be the result of the door not closing correctly which can prevent it from engaging and activating the magnetron. Please ensure the appliance is only leveled but also closed properly. If this does not resolve the problem with your appliance it might need service.

The most common fixes can be the replacement of the door switch or the magnetron itself which if your appliance was purchased within the last 5 years can be covered by the company and you will only be subject to the labor or service of your appliance.

Why is my microwave not spinning?

If you experience your machine coming on and heating but the turntable does not turn 1st please check that the tray is fixed correctly on the coupler located below the tray and it is sitting leveled.

Most microwave ovens have indents on the below of tray below that the coupler will rest into and connect the turntable to turn. Also, avoid placing heavy foods on the tray inside your microwave oven as this can put a big stress on the coupler and cause it to break since most are manufactured out of plastic. If this does not resolve your problem, call us at 647-303-4997 to take a look.

Why are my microwave oven buttons not working?

Sometimes you might run into a situation where your keypad stops working or shows an error. It can be the result of a key being pressed for a long which will lock up the buttons and a simple repair hack can be to unplug the microwave and the buttons will release and the error will disappear from the screen. If this does not work, the single solution will be to replace the control panel of the microwave.

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