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Purchased a new home appliance?

Do you need assistance with appliance installation?

Our skilled and trained professionals are well-versed in all the advanced technology applied by appliance brands and would gladly install your new home appliance.

For now, the installation of home appliances in Ontario is simple and convenient for all. Several appliance companies provide a max of up to 2 to 3-year warranty. But you can extend its life by more than 10 years if you use it & maintain it well.

When you pick an expert and professional, you’re getting someone who has worked with home appliances similar to yours each day for decades. The advantages of doing so are big. While they’re repairing your current issue, if there’s another problem with your machine that might come back to harm you, they’ll identify it and bring it to your knowledge.

It is reassuring to know that the person fixing your pricey machine has serviced that model dozens, if not hundreds times. You’re sure that the job will be done professionally.

If you’re currently experiencing any issues, do not worry. Maar24 has you covered with any home appliance installation in your space. You only need to book an appointment with a professional using Maar24 and you’ll have a professional waiting at your doorstep.

Advantages of hiring a Maar24 Installation Service

What occurs if you hire anyone who does not cure your issue or cause more damage to your appliance?

You can still drag them in working order, but in the meantime, you will have to change the machine or employ experts.

What a clutter!

Avoid the bother by hiring a person right away. Professional home installation service includes a warranty rather than vague promises that make sure that your machine will work effortlessly.

With such experience comes a big level of professionalism. These are the experts you can rely on in your house. When you pick Maar24, you receive installation experts who understand your appliances inside and out.

They have been carefully selected for their years of experience and professionalism. Going with a local expert might sound appealing now as it’s cheaper and convenient but how long will it take to install?

When working with us, components might be ordered and supplied instantly. Using expert services rather than armature makes sure that installation is done smoothly and perfectly to your satisfaction.

Installation services we provide

  • Installing laundry units – Installing your new washing machine or dryer to the electric supply in your bath is not always as easy as inserting a plug-in socket. Electric machines and circuits in dishwashers might be sophisticated. Our installation process includes connecting to water & drain pipes and making wiring.
  • Kitchen equipment setup – Our trained installers will handle the whole setup of our dishwasher wall cooker, range, stove, and over-the-range ovens. Just call us at 647-303-4997 and inform us about the situation. We will take care of all, offering timely and competent service that provides your home the respect it deserves.
  • Hookup appliance – Great news for installation service near me seekers – we’ll bring a smooth connection and link it for you that is required. Then after everything is in place, we’ll inspect your new equipment for leaks. We will also replace the metal exhaust for dryers and test your new part to make sure it works effortlessly.
  • Appliance Removal – We can remove your old appliance after a new one is installed and ready to use.

Complete range of Home appliance connection services for your household

Basic services for washing machines

  1. Hooking up the new washing machine to the current system using a 4’ fill and draining hose given by the company or additional ones.
  2. Removing the shipping chain-ups, connecting the feet, and leveling the washer.

Basic services for Dishwashers

  1. Leveling, attaching, and sealing the new dishwasher to the existing system using a new flexible hose.

Basic service for dryers

  1. Leveling after connecting the dryer feet
  2. Attaching the new dryer to a 4ft dryer wire or flex line
  3. Attaching a regular venting canal.

 Basic Service for cook-tops

  1. Installing a new cooktop in the existing system.
  2. Attaching the new one to the existing electric source.

Our Significant merits for new customers

  • Maar24 warranties every product installation we do in Ontario. You can forever be sure that your appliance will work in the right manner and in case of any problem, our staff will return and fix them instantly.
  • Some brands provide an individual warranty. As we worked with several brands you can enjoy a hassle-free experience when hiring our installation service.
  • For a hassle-free experience, our same-day appliance installation is scheduled for in-home employees we fully control.
  • If your appliance ever has to be fixed afterward, we provide help from professional customer service, top-class sales personnel, and the most dependable service department in Ontario. We also have special discounts for our regular clients that use our service regularly.
  • For further convenience, we employ only skilled workers with the high experience. They don’t only handle the installation of equipment but are also trained in electric and plumbing work.
  • Our service reaches beyond the installation process. If you’re just planning your upgrade but have an issue choosing the ideal fitting equipment option from the market, our trainer persons will also come in handy. We can inspect your surface and figure out what model will suit you most, depending on the area and configuration of drains and outlets. Our experts have spent years dealing with various appliances and know all about hidden pitfalls that you will never expect.
  • Our price quotes are as transparent as they can be – you will know the exact charge amount you will have to pay before the start of the procedure. We do not charge additional fees for the services you don’t need and have no hidden charges.

Contact us at 647-303-4997  our trained customer service team to find out more and get the answer to any questions, even the trickiest ones, questions you might have about home appliance repair and installations.

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