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When it comes to the biggest convenience of a kitchen, the Range is often the key to an enjoyable and smooth cooking experience. After all, home-cooked foods are the best way to bring family and friends unite. If your range breaks down, it can be inconvenient and highly frustrating. Get those quality foods back on the dining table with repair service from Maar24 Appliance Repair in your area.

We fix all types of electric ranges, ovens, and stoves – when it comes to quality repair services, we bring the heat! Call us and schedule an appointment online.

If you’ve any problems with ranges, stoves, or cooktop please don’t hesitate to contact the qualified repair experts at Maar24 Appliance Repair today.

Common issues of your ranges we can solve

The technicians at Maar24 Appliance Repair have seen a huge range of issues with home kitchen appliances. That means our team will be versed in handling nearly any sort of repair task on your stove or oven. We make it our mission to efficiently identify the problem and provide a stable solution.


If you experience any of these issues, be sure to call us at 647-303-4997.

  • The burner wouldn’t come on – Swap it with one more burner to examine if it’s the burner, the respectable, or the control switch.
  • The burner is very hot, regardless of setting – this is normally due to a bad switch. We can simply provide a repair for this problem.
  • The indicator light signals lit – In most scenarios, it’s also due to a damaged or bad switch.
  • The door is stuck closed – This might be reasoned by a misaligned self-clean latch or faulty clock or control.
  • The range is not self-cleaning as it should – this might be due to a faulty or damaged self-clean switch or feature selector.
  • The oven is not baking correctly or the broiler is not functioning – A bad bake igniter or valve might be defective, which might need new parts.
  • The range is not heating or is heating correctly – It depends on the type of range you own, this could occur for several reasons.
  • The range produces erratic temperatures – A bad bake igniter temperature sensor or selector switch might be defective.
  • The oven will not heat up well – You might need to replace your broil or bake heating elements.

Range diagnostic and Repair

Maar24 Appliance Repair technicians are professionally trained to fix electric ranges and stoves. When Stoves get to extremely high temperatures, in particular with the self-clean feature, they can often blow fuses as well as burnout circuitry and sensors.

Using advanced technology & analysis, we’ll examine the units that keep your range working fine and at the right temperature, including safety fuses, sensors, coils, and control panels.

Our technicians are highly trained for range repairs, including 220-volt models. Once we have identified the problem, we will provide you with a full diagnostic quote on the appliance service required and answer any of your quires.

Maar24 Appliance uses flat repair service rates based on the CARG (Canadian Appliance Rate Guide) and we stick to our quotes, so you can be confident that you’re paying a fair and affordable price for our expert services.

Following the appliance repair service, our technicians will double-check that your range, and stove are working perfectly so that you can be confident that your range is in safe and proper working order.

Things to check before calling us for Range Repair

Due to danger linked with the high voltage. It is ideal to leave Range, oven, or stove repair to an expert. However, it is often a great idea to check that the power is working correctly and the breaker is not tripped.

Turn the breaker off wait for 15 minutes and turn it back again. Before you call us, you’ll also want to write down the serial and model number of the range so that we can get your home appliance service order ready.

Why choose Maar24 Range Repair Service?

  • Guaranteed work – We love to serve top quality work with a service and limited repair warranty. We’ll provide you with a free diagnostic and quotes for range repairs if decide to fix them.
  • Skilled and trained technicians – We believe in quality service in fixing your range through skilled and certified technicians, fast and efficient installations, top quality assistance at one go. We will send you the finest home appliance technician.
  • High quality parts – We stand by originality in terms of repairing your home appliances. Every part of the home appliance is fixed with premium quality parts.
  • Competitive prices – The home appliance repair services provided by Maar24 are highly competitive and extremely affordable. You can fix your schedule accordingly. On weekdays, there is no additional charge and that seems the best part.
  • Client Satisfaction guaranteed – For Maar24 appliance repair service, client satisfaction is our utmost priority. We care to provide top quality services and in return, are applauded with quality feedback, and up to 90 days warranty.

Common FAQs

Why my range does not cook perfectly?

In most scenarios, your range is not cooking perfectly because 3 part – the bake element the igniter and broil element. When the bake element does the job rightly, it looks red hot. A defective bake element causes uneven temperature as well as needs proper repair by the range expert. If a broil element doesn’t work rightly, only the bake element will work that will result in uneven cooked foods also.

Why my range does overcook the food?

When the food come overcooked, you’d check the thermostat that is made to control the temperature in your range and oven.

What things should I do if my range does not turn on?

Examine the break box or fuse, if breaker is tripped or fuse has blown, reset it or replace the fuse before turning it on again. If the range turns on, you’ve found the source of issue. If not now it is time to call Maar24 technicians to handle your situation.

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