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MAAR24 Appliance Repair offers reliable, same day Electric Appliance Repair in Vaughan ! Residential appliance ONLY. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.
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More Than 25 Years We offer high quality services to save your time and money and to repair your appliances as quickly as possible and in the best manner possible.
Genuine Parts Replacements We use genuine replacement parts for optimal performance, Avoid the costly risk of breakdowns installing non-genuine parts and generic products
High Quality Services We offer high quality services tailored to save your time and money in the best manner possible. Our standard is excellence
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Reputable Canadian fixers at an affordable cost in Vaughan

The best quality and low-cost solutions. Our expert technicians are executing both complicated maintenance procedures and light repairs very quickly, but the quality is kept on the highest level. We always support transparent and decent price policy and estimate cost of repair after the primary examination of the unit or talks with one of our specialists. You can phone or email us describing an issue you experience. Nevertheless, the exact prices can be formed only on the spot by our professional repairmen. Don`t worry, our price forming and various discounts will leave your finances and health safe. Client’s comfort and safety are the main priority for our handymen in Vaughan, Ontario province. If any problem arises during the warranty period, our specialists will eliminate it for free. Our loyal customers will be also rewarded with large discounts.

What do our services include? Our repair department you can count on if you live in Vaughan and many other neighbor locations renders a large variety of services, in particular:

  • detecting the issues that cause malfunctions while using the appliance;
  • installing new parts or replacing old elements with the new ones;
  • upgrading the serviceability of the unit;
  • offering all the necessary tips and helpful advice to prolong the lifespan of the machine.

Oven, cooktop and stove disorders. If your domestic appliances start to bring you problems that means that dinner for your family members is in huge trouble. Depending on us, you make certain that your cooktop and oven have normal operability to prepare home-cooked dishes for your beloved ones. Our team of certified electricians and engineers has identified the most frequent issues that you can face up:

  • stove power down while cooking;
  • the stove doesn’t power on /off;
  • the oven doesn`t bake evenly;
  • low-speed preheat of cooktop;
  • oven’s door is blocked;
  • no lighting/overheating;
  • wrong temperature;
  • constant sparking of burners/ ignition problem for gas operated devices.

These defects can be tackled by our skilled handymen easily and quickly. We repair all major brands so that no cooktop and stove in Vaughan will be left without technical care and professional support. Our employees deliver maintenance service and repairs job at any part of the Ontario region 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Always available experienced tech team. We are always ready to accept any work 24/7. No matter how difficult it is, count on us to get your appliances up and running in the shortest possible time. Our trained repairmen are available at any time of the day or night. We provide rapid reaction to any emergency occasions. If you or your home is at risk because any of your domestic machines are damaged, then our always prepared and fully equipped electricians and mechanic engineers are proceeding to you.

Oven repair in the Vaughan area

Minor faults of the oven can lead to significant problems for your future kitchen endeavors if you do not repair them as soon as possible. For that reason, the importance of having a reputable Vaughan appliance repair service located nearby cannot be overemphasized. Each customer can to entirely rely on the prompt help and assistance of experienced appliance repair professionals ready to provide speedy oven repairs anywhere in the Vaughan area. Don’t wait to contact our appliance repair professionals for fast and quality oven repair in Vaughan delivered by skilled handymen.

  • Light won’t turn on
  • The electric range is not baking.
  • The electric stove is not working
  • The oven does not heat at all
  • The oven door does not close

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Stove repair in Vaughan

Your broken kitchen appliances can be recovered and fixed by professional appliance repair in Vaughan service offering complete appliance repair services. Our Vaughan appliance repair specialists provide speedy stove repairs anywhere in the Vaughan area. Our appliance repair technicians and stove handymen are ready to help you remove breakdowns and faults of a wide variety of contemporary stove devices.

  • The wire connection is burnt
  • The cooktop won’t turn on
  • Impossible to adjust burners’ temperature
  • Damaged electric coils on the cooktop

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Dryer repair in Vaughan

The aim of our reputable Vaughan appliance repair service is to offer supreme fixing assistance and maintenance to as many dryer owners as possible, making our dryer repair procedures completely affordable regardless of the social class you belong to. We have managed to offer professional service at reasonable rates so no matter what city you are resident of, you will be able to receive complete appliance repair services for your drying unit. Make sure to book the appointment of our appliance repair professionals repairing all household appliances and all brands today. Delivering quality and speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Vaughan area as a part of same day appliance repairs, our skilled dryer technicians care about your comfort and convenience.

  • The dryer stops as soon as it starts.
  • The dryer doesn’t work.
  • There’s no heat to dry clothes.
  • It heats but doesn’t tumble.
  • Displays errors.

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Dishwasher repair Vaughan

If you suddenly discovered that your dishwasher stops working, it is a sign that the assistance of experienced appliance repair technicians is required. Let the pros to do their job. Our Vaughan appliance repair experts are here to offer you help and strong support of our dishwasher repair professionals that possess enough knowledge to be able to provide adequate diagnostics and fixing procedures. Moreover, they usually deal with a big selection of dishwashing machines, therefore, regardless of what brand or model you utilize, our appliance repair professionals will be able to provide reliable dishwasher repairs in the Vaughan area eliminating various breakdowns including:

  • The too long cycle of the device.
  • Wet dishes after the cycle is over.
  • Not draining.
  • Leaving residual food on the dishes after cleaning.

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Fridge repair in Vaughan area

Our Vaughan appliance repair experts are always ready to share their secret hints and tips concerning regular fridge freezer care, as well as correct maintenance, covering many other aspects of having the particular cooling device installed in the house. Don’t be disappointed if your refrigerator fails or fridge stops running. Our professional technician team is committed to assist you with prompt and reliable fridge repairs in the Vaughan area, also purchasing and installing a new unit for your house if you have any doubts. Whatever brand or model your fridge is, our handymen could replace frequently required parts delivering same day service of quick refrigerator repairs, proper assistance, and support if your fridge fails.

  • A unit that has stopped working altogether
  • A freezer that fails to defrost
  • A freezer that does not maintain a proper temperature
  • Issues with ice makers like jams, clogs or a lack of ice production
  • Clogged drain hoses

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Washer repair Vaughan

When you have lots of laundries and your washer stops working the best possible decision is to let our Vaughan appliance repair specialists examine and fix it. The ability to analyze the situation from its different aspects and taking into consideration all the details of a particular washer repair event provides us the full image of the problem. Therefore, our appliance repair technicians can easily develop the smartest and most cost-efficient way for reliable washer repairs in the Vaughan area. The team of our Vaughan appliance repair experts will quickly arrive and deliver washer repair in Vaughan removing your stress and discomfort from using faulty home appliance.

  • Unusual noises or bangs from the machine
  • Leaking doors or lids
  • Filters needing replacement
  • A washing machine that will not start
  • Leaking water from any part of the machine

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