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MAAR24 Appliance Repair offers reliable, same day Electric Appliance Repair in Georgina ! Residential appliance ONLY. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.
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Georgina’s professional fixing facility you can fully count on

Our Canadian fixing company offers a big range of various services helping and assisting our customers to maintain their household units in the right way. We care about our clients’ comfort and repair broken machines and devices within a short period of time providing the best results in the country and covering a huge area. Indeed, these days there are many brands that produce devices for your kitchen helping to perform regular tasks faster and with bigger efficiency. But when it comes to certain malfunctions, it is our job and duty to provide the best professional services and maintenance performed by our trained technicians.

Household appliances we repair

With our company, you will not be struggling with finding other technicians for additional assistance. We offer a full set of services and give our clients all the necessary information and details they need to know regarding regular maintenance of the device to expand its service life.

Nowadays we offer to fix a big range of kitchen appliances, such as:

  • washers;
  • kitchen cooktops and ovens;
  • dishwashers;
  • fridges.

Typical washer issues we can easily fix

Sometimes we are called to repair broken washer machine and these are the most common malfunctions we face and that might be familiar to you:

  • the device does not drain properly, which can be a sign of a simple clog that may cause all unwanted water to leak;
  • washer does not spin correctly, which can be caused by a huge amount of clothes inside or more serious issues only certified technician can detect;
  • the unit keeps leaking water all over the floor;
  • the machine does not want to turn on;
  • it does not dispense the detergent you use; also detergent may cause other several malfunctions;
  • washing machine appears to be too noisy in comparison to its usual noise.

Professional assistance and advice

Not only do we purchase all the necessary parts that need to be installed in the device instead of old ones causing several malfunctions, but also provide professional assistance and give tips and advice afterward. We are convinced that the right regular maintenance and servicing potentially reduce the chances of getting new malfunctions and issues that disrupt the work of the used household appliance.

We perform our services within a short period of time, and, as a result of that, our customers do not have to wait a few long hours or even days till their unit is finally repaired. Doing our job we utilize modern equipment to help us to quickly find an essential problem and eliminate it.

Nice prices and discounts

With such a huge range of provided services, you may think we also give unreasonably high prices. We are actually the company that gives our customers nice and affordable prices as well as discounts as we know what it is like to maintain and fix broken device nowadays.

Washer repair in Georgina

Incorrect as well as irregular maintenance can often lead to several malfunctions that will prevent your laundry room appliance from operating. That is why our fixing company offers reliable washer repairs in the Georgina area, delivering high-standard and thorough procedures.

Our best experts and trained appliance repair technicians specialize in servicing a wide range of washing machines, including:

  • Top-loading washers.
  • Front-loading washing machines.
  • High-efficiency top-loader.
  • Washer and dryer combos.
  • Laundry centers.
  • Laundry room appliances with an adaptive fill feature.
  • Portable washers.

Washer repair in Georgina is available at low prices. We have also added multiple discounts and special offers that are equally available to all our customers.

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Dryer repair Georgina

Our dryer repair in Georgina delivers long-term results our customers are waiting for. The aim of our fixing company is to service a big number of several household appliances, which always includes their multiple models and variations. The same goes for clothes drying machines; our best technicians and repairmen maintain various dryers, such as:

  • Vented dryers.
  • Condensing drying machines.
  • Heat-pump laundry room models.
  • A dryer as a part of a washer and dryer combo.

Speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Georgina area are performed by knowledgeable appliance repair specialists working at our fixing facility. They will be also able to explain to you why a particular glitch has appeared all of a sudden. You can fully count on our professional assistance and trust us your faulty dryer.

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Fridge repair in Georgina area

In case your fridge stops running, it means it is in need of being professionally serviced. We believe that several malfunctions and glitches that prevent your device from operating are the result of incorrect and irregular maintenance. Without putting off the repair process, you can book inexpensive fridge repair in Georgina area so as to get your faulty appliance professionally serviced and fixed.

Our best experts and technicians have enough knowledge to be able to service a wide range of refrigerators, including such models, as:

  • The refrigerator of commercial purposes.
  • Wine cooler.
  • French-door appliance.
  • Side-by-side option.
  • Freezerless refrigerator.

Fridge repair Georgina includes providing informative assistance and answering all the questions our customers have regarding using their fridge after getting it serviced.

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Oven repair in the Georgina area

Oven repair in Georgina offered by our servicing center will help you eliminate any kind of issues and glitches that make you experience difficulties using your essential kitchen appliances. We have managed to hire experienced and skillful repairmen so as to service as many kitchen appliances as possible, which undoubtedly includes various types of ovens:

  • Electric kitchen ovens (conduction and convection types).
  • Gas kitchen ovens.
  • Self-cleaning kitchen appliance.
  • Toaster oven.
  • Microwaves.

Reliable oven repairs in the Georgina area are available at low prices. We also offer multiple discounts and make special offers that are equally available for all kinds of services provided by our fixing facility.

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Stove repair in Georgina

There are many characteristics that distinguish our fixing company from many other ones. Today we offer high-quality stove repair in Georgina area, servicing a wide range of different cooktops and kitchen stoves, including:

  • Pellet stoves.
  • Electric kitchen cooktops and hobs.
  • Gas stoves.
  • Induction devices.
  • Modular cooktops.

Our aim is to follow the latest modern techniques so as to improve the quality of our work. We hire skillful and competent appliance repair technicians to be able to deliver high-standard diagnostic and repair procedures and provide our clients with long-term results.

Do not hesitate to call our servicing center in order to finally receive professional stove repair your malfunctioned appliance is in need of.

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Dishwasher repair Georgina

Our dishwasher repair in Georgina can be easily booked right now if you have noticed that your appliance is not operating properly. We are here to deliver you high-standard procedures and professional maintenance so as to solve multiple problems and issues and prevent your dishwasher from fatal damages.

  • The dishwasher doesn’t work.
  • The cycle selector doesn’t work.
  • The dishwasher won’t drain.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t work.
  • Leaky door or seals.

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