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MAAR24 Appliance Repair offers reliable, same day Electric Appliance Repair in New Hamburg ! Residential appliance ONLY. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.
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Experienced, knowledgeable, and competent fixing team in New Hamburg

We make repairing home equipment prompt and simple task nowadays. Whether you need to get a stove or fridge repair, install the new washer or have preventive maintenance for your used refrigerator the time you spent on making an appointment with our expert specialists won’t be wasted. Our fixers in New Hamburg, Ontario region will find the best available trouble-free and cost-efficient solution of your individual needs providing you the most convenient same or next day service. Our tech group is a team of skilled professionals never limiting themselves to getting new expertise and knowledge. They can deal with any situations of both emergency and regular repair with the same level of professionalism and responsibility.

Even the used washer can serve you. Don’t rush to spend money on buying a new washing machine if the old one which served you for a long time with no questions suddenly didn’t turn on. Our residential washer repair team in New Hamburg owns all necessary skills and hi-tech tools and instruments to bring your reliable laundry assistant back to normal. We serve all brands and models popular in Canada. Making the same day certified washer technician appointment request you are guaranteed to get:

  • accurate repairman arriving at your home in the convenient for you time;
  • installation of the new elements upon request;
  • broken elements diagnostics and replacement;
  • thorough checking of all systems and parts of the non-operable unit;
  • affordable price and a nice discount.

Let us make your unit fixed to remove the need of hand washing your laundry and save your priceless time for the family.

Safe cooktop and oven cooking. Whether you are using gas or electric running stove or oven never forget about safety rules to avoid any danger for your health. Regular maintenance job completed by our trained team of certified specialists is the best way to prevent sticking knobs, heating element burnout or circuit breakers problem. Also, this is the right way to avoid unnecessary spending money on future expensive repair needs.

Dishwashing machine fixing and cost-effective repair solutions. This type of household units constitutes an integral part of the modern life saving your valuable time which can be spent together with family and the beloved ones. It’s that’s why not surprising that you feel frustrated and stressed when your dishwasher failed. Okay, nobody panic! Our professional same day fixers will quickly figure out what is wrong with your kitchen helper and eliminate all malfunctions. Your hands are in safe when your renovated dishwasher will wash dishes for you again.

Let us take care of your broken home devices and we guarantee you a number of benefits, various discounts and the best result. Trust the professional malfunction removers to bring the comfort back to your life.

Oven repair near me New Hamburg

If you suffer from any malfunctions and troubles using such a kitchen appliance as an oven or your oven stops working unexpectedly, we do not recommend postponing the process of oven repairs as it can save your unit from obtaining more serious irreparable damage. No matter you are using the electric or gas-powered device, our competent appliance repair professionals will always carry out reliable oven repairs in the New Hamburg area decreasing the possible downtime as low as possible. Furthermore, our fixers provide strong informative assistance giving our customers all the necessary guidelines making all the things about correct maintenance clear. You can feel free to ask our New Hamburg appliance repair specialists any questions regarding certain nuances and aspects of taking care of a particular kitchen appliance in your house.

  • Heating elements become detached from their receptacles
  • The cooling fan becomes clogged
  • The oven door spring wears down and will not keep the oven closed
  • A thermostat is not reading heat temperatures correctly
  • Oven not heating

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Washer repair near me New Hamburg

We can deal with a great number of issues causing faults of your washing machine as well as many other units specifically created for laundry rooms. They include:

  • Washer leaking water.
  • Washer stops working.
  • The drum of the washing machine is not spinning.
  • The unpleasant smell inside the drum after the cycle.

If you suffer from the strange behavior of your washing machine let the pros committed to delivering exceptional fixing service do their job. Our experienced appliance repair technicians will checkup your faulty home appliance and offer speedy washer repairs anywhere in the New Hamburg area. Don’t hesitate to call and book same day service of affordable washer repair in New Hamburg area.

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Dryer repair near me in the New Hamburg area

To be able to find out what has caused a particular malfunction leading to the situation when the dryer stops working and eliminate it afterward, our professional dryer technicians perform advanced diagnostic procedures following the latest standards, as well as their personal experience. It helps our appliance repair professionals to offer the smartest solution that will provide efficient and reliable dryer repairs in the New Hamburg area procedure that will bring desired results. Apart from that, our dryer handyman uses only the newest equipment and advanced tools in order to do the job with maximum accuracy.

  • The dryer shuts off as soon as it starts.
  • The dryer tumbles, but there’s no heat.
  • It turns on but doesn’t tumble.
  • Timer or other functions don’t work.
  • Makes weird noises or vibrations.

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Fridge repair near me in New Hamburg

The experience has shown that various reasons can cause the refrigerator fails. All modern types of fridge freezer devices can be quickly fixed by our New Hamburg appliance repair specialists at our repair facilities. No matter your fridge running non-stop or doesn’t keep the necessary temperature inside you do not have to carry your bulky household appliance out of your house because our skilled appliance repair technicians will arrive at your place with all the necessary tools in order to do their job. Reliable fridge repairs in the New Hamburg area carried out by our professional technician team will quickly return your device to life, allowing it to work as it should.

  • Noises and smells that come from the unit that is not normal
  • A unit that has stopped working altogether
  • There’s no power to your refrigerator
  • You have a broken hinge or seal on your fridge door
  • Your refrigerator isn’t cold enough

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Stove repair near me in New Hamburg area

Competent appliance repair professionals and experienced handymen from our company are ready to offer reliable stove repairs in the New Hamburg area to decrease possible downtime of the device as low as possible. You can be absolutely certain that our New Hamburg appliance repair specialists and experienced stove fixers possess the necessary knowledge as well as experience to deal with a significant number of modern kitchen appliances including a stove. Keep in mind that no matter the brand or model your stove is, our professional technician team will be able to deliver affordable and speedy stove repairs anywhere in the New Hamburg area.

  • Your range hood fan stops turning
  • The light over your stove won’t turn on
  • The control system on your range hood won’t work
  • Smoke is building up in the kitchen even with the fan on
  • The speed controls on the fan won’t work

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Dishwasher repair near me in New Hamburg

If you have a headache every time when you turn on your dishwasher or dishwasher stops working at the worst possible time, our New Hamburg appliance repair specialists are here to help. The proficient appliance repair technicians working at our dishwasher repair New Hamburg centers perform meticulous diagnostic as well as urgent repairs in order to be able to find out what the issue is and remove it immediately. In addition, our appliance repair professionals use only hi-tech tools and other necessary equipment to be best at our job.

  • Dishes are still being wet after the drying cycle is complete
  • Any leaking water from the dishwasher
  • A cycle selector that does not operate correctly
  • Units that do not fully drain after the cycle is complete
  • Rattling noise;

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