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MAAR24 Appliance Repair offers reliable, same day Electric Appliance Repair in Scarborough ! Residential appliance ONLY. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.
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More Than 25 Years We offer high quality services to save your time and money and to repair your appliances as quickly as possible and in the best manner possible.
Genuine Parts Replacements We use genuine replacement parts for optimal performance, Avoid the costly risk of breakdowns installing non-genuine parts and generic products
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Our trained repairmen in Scarborough have enough knowledge to fix any appliance failure

Serving residential repair needs.  Our appliances repair company proudly reports that residents of Scarborough, Ontario region have chances to get their important household devices updated and properly working again. This means you don`t need to purchase a new refrigerator every few years and throw away jumping and noisy washing machine anymore. Save your time, health, family budget and environment. Contact us right now to give your household units another try. Enjoy new smart fixing options in Scarborough at an affordable price and become a happy member of our large clients’ circle. Experienced fixers for essential appliances. Our knowledgeable and trained technician team in Scarborough is focusing on meticulous repairs of the most used household machines:

  • dishwashers and dryers;
  • ovens and stoves;
  • fridges and freezers;
  • washers of all loading types.

Manufacturers and models aren’t a subject of importance for our skilled specialists because they are capable to remove any issue. In addition, future customers can be reassured about the quality and conditions of our fixing service after viewing supportive feedback of former clients. We try our best to meet your expectations delivering high-standard and prompt service under any and all circumstances. Satisfied customers and happy families with their again working home assistants are our top priority. Situations when your need for repairs is a point of fact. Are you satisfied with the operability and efficiency of electrical devices in your household? Are you sure that using them all is safe for you and your family members’ health?  Don`t you refuse to have significantly reduced electricity, water and gas bills? If you replied negatively at least once then it is worth to change your mind towards equipment in your home and book an appointment of the experienced technician and certified electrician. Our specialists can turn up at your home at any location and examine whether all the devices are properly installed and working correctly meeting all safety requirements. Our specially trained handymen will examine your units meticulously. And if something appears to be wrong, we can fix it or replace the broken parts on the spot immediately.

Advantageous pricing for your family finances. Our price list continues to be amongst the most inexpensive ones throughout Canada. We want to make professional high-standard fixing service convenient and available for all citizens and determine adequate prices for average residents. So, place confidence in knowing that exceptional technicians at our local repair department can get your devices back on track in a little while at competitive costs. Just let yourself to contact our supportive customer managers and let them inform you about the whole range of our services.

Oven repair near me in the Scarborough area

Getting professional and high-level assistance of experienced and skilled handymen when your oven stops working or broken is a procedure worth considering. Our team of appliance repair technicians is ready to provide reliable oven repairs in the Scarborough area, along with a full spectrum of complete appliance repair services and urgent repairs. What distinguishes oven repair in Scarborough area is:

  • Only new equipment used.
  • Precise results provided after a thorough examination and diagnostic procedure.
  • Servicing kitchen oven of any brand.

No matter you are using an electric, gas-operated or dual-fuel oven, our Scarborough appliance repair specialists are experienced and well-trained. They are ready to arrive and deliver reliable and speedy oven repairs anywhere in the Scarborough area restoring your broken appliances.

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Washer repair near me in Scarborough

Together with delivering reliable washer repairs in the Scarborough area, our appliance repair professionals consider informative qualitative support very important in our job. As a consequence, we take all the demands and wishes of our clients into our consideration and provide essential tips and advice based on a particular situation, highlighting the importance of proper faulty home appliance maintenance after servicing. Speedy washer repairs anywhere in the Scarborough area, including various diagnostic and broken appliances fixing procedures itself offered by our company are considered completely affordable.

  • The spinner is not working.
  • The spinner spins fast.
  • Making strange sounds or vibrations.
  • Water won’t drain.
  • Washer stops mid-cycle.

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Dishwasher repair near me Scarborough

Our professional appliance repair in Scarborough company is ready to offer the best advanced servicing of dishwashers of different types for Scarborough residents. Moreover, we have created a system of complete appliance repair services we offer to our potential clients. These services usually cover multiple aspects of the dishwasher repairs, taking into consideration all the nuances of the diagnostics, fixing and maintenance processes. Our fixers and repairmen are always ready to answer any of your questions, making all the things clear for you as well as account for all your demands and wishes. There is a wide range of dishwashing machines that can be serviced and fixed by our appliance repair technicians delivering prompt and reliable dishwasher repairs in the Scarborough area.

  • Not draining correctly.
  • Dishwasher leaks on the floor.
  • Dishes come out dirty or covered in residue.
  • Dishwasher won’t work.
  • Doesn’t clean dishes.

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Dryer repair near me Scarborough

The dryer is considered a useful laundry room appliance for a big family, especially in the regions with wet and rainy weather or polluted air. It allows quick drying any amount of laundry saving the fabric and leaving the clothes as fresh and clean as you just took them out from your washer. Due to different designs and options provided by international brands that manufacture and sell these units in Canada, you can choose between provided models which one to install in your house.

Our high-standard and reliable dryer repairs in the Scarborough area cover all models produced by prominent appliance brands, including Amana, Miele, Hotpoint, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, and others. Whether your dryer stops working, doesn’t tumble, or blow cold air our dryer handyman is able to provide immediate help and urgent repairs.

  • The dryer won’t work.
  • Error messages on the display.
  • Dryer shuts off when started.
  • There’s no heat.
  • Dryer won’t tumble.

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Fridge repair near me in Scarborough area

Being able to restore the device if the refrigerator fails and handle multiple situations our Scarborough appliance repair specialists are ready to share their knowledge and opinion on different aspects of having particular unit installed in your house. In case you have any questions, our fridge repair technicians are ready to make all the things clear for you by providing necessary advice and tips. In case your fridge stops running or fails, our professional technician team provides reliable fridge repairs in the Scarborough area and full maintenance that covers many aspects of using modern fridge freezer in the house.

  • The fridge is not cooling.
  • Food spoilage due to low cooling temperature.
  • Ice and frosts build up faster than usual.
  • The refrigerator is not turning on.
  • The fridge no longer dispenses water.

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Stove repair near me in Scarborough

Today, kitchen stove is indispensable assistant for cooking different types of food in many different ways. However, if an individual happens to notice that its stove stops working, it means that the involvement of experienced appliance repair professionals is highly recommended. Looking for speedy stove repairs anywhere in the Scarborough area you may find our reputable Scarborough appliance repair facility that is ready to provide you advanced and high-quality stove repair covering common types of these kitchen appliances.

  • The stove element isn’t working.
  • Error message on display.
  • The oven door doesn’t open or close properly.
  • The oven isn’t working.
  • The oven light won’t work after replacing.

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