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MAAR24 Appliance Repair offers reliable, same day Electric Appliance Repair in Kitchener ! Residential appliance ONLY. Our customer support center is open 7 days a week to assist you in booking a service call.
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More Than 25 Years We offer high quality services to save your time and money and to repair your appliances as quickly as possible and in the best manner possible.
Genuine Parts Replacements We use genuine replacement parts for optimal performance, Avoid the costly risk of breakdowns installing non-genuine parts and generic products
High Quality Services We offer high quality services tailored to save your time and money in the best manner possible. Our standard is excellence
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New standards of care and technical support

Reliable fixers in Kitchener. The desire of any housekeeper to have home appliances up and properly functioning in the shortest possible time in case of any breakdowns is fully understandable. Our professional repairing company is well-known for fast and effective appliances fixing throughout the Ontario including Kitchener with its surrounding countryside. Our 24/7 call center allows our experienced managers to react to each fixing request promptly. Being hi-tech friendly our team of certified technicians delivers proficient services on consulting, malfunction analyzing, and maintenance. Be on the safe side when you select our trustworthy company as your reliable repair partner for all residential needs. You won`t be disappointed, we guarantee.

A set of top-quality services we proudly offer. Our Kitchener experts are dedicated to delivering quick and qualitative technical assistance. Either at your home location or in our fixing centers, we`ll make everything possible to satisfy the needs of our respected customers. Our certified specialists deliver the next services:

  • diagnostics and reviewing;
  • maintenance for future malfunction deterrent;
  • replacing damaged parts and installation;
  • operability restoring;
  • fixing of all possible issues.

Contact our skilled personnel to book an appointment and get free tips from our experts. We ensure that repairmen visit will be scheduled at the most convenient for you time.

Washing machine issues. It could be a very nerve-racking situation when you have a bunch of clothes to wash and your washer starts operating poorly or doesn’t turn on. That`s why our experienced local repairmen strive to offer the exceptional same or next day service with a focus on experienced reliability. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether a problem with the locked door, broken drum or leakage count on us.

Dryer problems. Dryer issues happen for a variety of reasons, including improper installation, violation of security requirements or just old parts. Dryer damage often arises unexpectedly and can become a reason for a mess in your house. That’s why we highly advise booking recurrent preventive maintenance for your drying machine. However, if the unit is already broken, don`t waste a moment hiring one of our trained handymen. Our team of professional technicians is always here to extend the service life of your dryer.

Dishwasher breakage. With our knowledge and long-term experience, we’re committed to delivering each client with top-quality dishwasher maintenance service at the affordable price. Your improved device will operate even better than right after purchasing. From Fisher & Paykel to Dacor and Beko, we know all strong and weak sides of each brand and model. If you`re interested in hassle-free kitchen activities, contact our skilled dishwasher repairmen today. We`ll restore your dishwasher’s working condition timely.

Washer repair near me Kitchener

The washing machine is the laundry room appliance that is installed in every single house in our country. Therefore, using this device is very important as it is done on a regular basis. However, if your washer stops working or you experience difficulties using it to clean the clothes, do not hesitate to call our servicing center in order to get it professionally serviced and fixed. Our task is to offer our clients inexpensive washer repair in Kitchener, covering multiple types and models of the essential laundry room appliance:

  • Front-loading washing machines.
  • Top-loaders with an adaptive fill feature.
  • High-efficiency top-loading washer.
  • Laundry centers.
  • Washer and dryer combos.

Reliable washer repairs in the Kitchener area can be freely booked at any time of the day and night so that our same-day service will deliver efficient maintenance as soon as possible.

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Dryer repair near me in Kitchener

Today our repair company with the facility in your town provides newcomers with speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Kitchener area, offering efficient same-day service. Our task is to fulfill the expectations of all of our customers, delivering thorough maintenance and high-standard fixing procedures.
Dryer repair in Kitchener is focused on servicing different types of clothes drying machine, for instance:

  • Heat-pump dryers.
  • Condensing drying machines.
  • Vented clothes dryers.
  • Washer and dryer combos.

Dryer repair in Kitchener area is performed by competent Kitchener appliance repair specialists with a many-year experience. It allows us to apply and use or our knowledge and provide the clients with adequate maintenance available at affordable prices.

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Stove repair near me in Kitchener area

If you notice that your kitchen stove stops working, we highly recommend you to call an experienced and professional technician to help you. Our fixing company offers adequate and thorough maintenance, delivering long-lasting results within a short span of time. Moreover, we can assure you that kitchen stove repair in Kitchener eliminates any problems and glitches with various types of stoves:

  • Electric kitchen stoves.
  • Cooktops operating on natural gas.
  • Stoves with an overhead hood.
  • Coil type of stoves.
  • Induction cooktops and hobs.

Reliable stove repairs in the Kitchener area are considered inexpensive as we have set low prices in order to make all our services completely affordable.

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Oven repair near me in the Kitchener area

Reliable oven repairs in the Kitchener area are the definition of professional work performed by experienced technicians and repairmen. By book an appointment at our fixing company so as to receive oven repair in Kitchener, the client of our facility will be provided with multiple benefits that distinguish our services from many other ones:

  • Ability to quickly come up with an efficient solution.
  • Using modern tools to perform high-standard thorough diagnostic and fixing procedures.
  • Providing necessary informative assistance.
  • Servicing a wide range of kitchen ovens.
  • Fulfilling the expectations of the clients.
  • Installing new parts instead of old faulty ones.

All the services are completely affordable by any family living in Kitchener.

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Dishwasher repair near me Kitchener

If your dishwasher leaking water or does not fill up with enough amount of water to properly run the cycle and clean the dishes, it is a sign that you need to call a professional handyman to get it serviced and repaired. You can feel free to call our servicing center to book dishwasher repair in Kitchener and receive thorough maintenance. Our technicians and repairmen deliver adequate and thorough servicing, equally servicing all the types of dishwashing machine:

  • Fully-integrated dishwashing machines.
  • Slimline dishwashers.
  • Semi-integrated dishwashers.
  • Portable appliances.
  • Dishwasher for kitchen countertop.

Dishwasher repair is available at low prices, which makes our services easily affordable by the majority of locals.

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Fridge repair near me in the Kitchener area

Our reliable fridge repairs in the Kitchener area is the unique opportunity to get your faulty kitchen device professionally serviced by our experienced technicians. Fridge repair in Kitchener area is focused on maintaining different types of modern refrigerators, eliminating any kind of problem and glitch that makes you experience difficulties using the appliance. Make sure to call our servicing center to get same-day thorough maintenance that will completely fulfill your expectations.

  • Too fast frost and ice build up;
  • Refrigeration not turning on even if plugged;
  • Fridge not dispensing ice or water;
  • Strange sounds when plugged.

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