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You can not worry about doing household chores anymore having Kenmore appliances in your hands. The company puts any efforts to easier the life of its customers. Innovative smart appliances of various sizes, designs, and styles allow you to choose the best match for your kitchen, laundry, and home interior. Also, considering the efficiency, controllability, and practicality you definitely will be satisfied with your choice.

We are ready to save the life of your household devices

Our appliances repair service offers repairs, maintenance and technical assistance for your Kenmore home units. We have everything necessary to deliver servis of professional restore functionality and fixing at an inexpensive cost. A huge set of advanced measuring and fixing devices enables our technicians to satisfy even the most complicated customer’s fridge or washer repair needs at home. Meticulous maintenance and quick fix are guaranteed in any event. Our customer support service is available 24/7 for your calls.

Kenmore dishwasher repair

The dishwasher is an important kitchen unit doing all dirty job instead of us. But when it fails our house will quickly look like a scene from a horror movie. According to the statistic, first malfunction signs can appear already in 3-4 years after purchase.

If you are searching for trained and experienced dishwasher repairmen then do feel free to contact our skilled fixing specialists. We will find the cause of the breakdown and replace broken and worn out part of your dishwasher timely.  Moreover, the dishwashers are among the most often used home appliances, therefore, schedule the regular maintenance from our recommended electricians to avoid possible future faults.

Here is a compiled list of some of the more typical dishwasher issues.

  • After the washing cycle is over the dishes pop out of the dishwasher still dirty, or residue covered.
  • The device leaks on the floor.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t dry your kitchenware.
  • The unit producing bad smell.
  • The dishwasher doesn’t take the water in or drain.
  • It’s impossible to start the device.

Kenmore dryer fixing

One of the main inventions of the high technological era, a dryer, overshadowed such well-known tools like drying rack and clothesline. Nowadays, electric or gas operated dryer became a staple in many households. When it starts to work incorrectly or won’t start at all it’s time to call our experienced dryer technicians able to restore your spoiled device accurately and quickly. Whatsoever clothes dryer you have, both used and brand new, our certified dryer handymen will do everything to inspect everything, figure out the problem and repair as soon as possible it lessening forced downtime to the minimum.

If you have a broken gas dryer and feel the smell of gas don’t try to repair it by yourself because it can be harmful to your health and life. Don’t wait to call our dryer specialists who will quickly arrive at your location and perform all necessary maintenance.

Kenmore (Sears) Washer Repair

Imagine doing laundry without your washing machine! Isn’t that a scary thought? Well, this is what many people worry about when their washer starts leaking or won’t turn on.
No matter what’s wrong, our team will be right over to figure out what’s wrong and fix your Kenmore washer quickly. We not only offer same-day service, but we also come with the tools and parts we need to make repairs right away.
Common Kenmore (Sears) Washer issues we can solve
Fails to drain
The washer not turning on
The washer fails to spin
AGA Washer not completing a cycle
The washer leaks more!

Kenmore (Sears) Dryer Repair

If your dryer is too hot, not getting warm enough, or has any other problem, it’s time to call our Appliance Repair technicians. We can fix Kenmore dryers in Toronto on the same day, and our team will come ready to fix dryers on the spot.
Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee also makes sure that you get fast service and repairs that are done well. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your Kenmore dryer.
Common Kenmore (Sears) Dryer issues we can solve
The AGA dryer does not turn on
The drum spins, but there is no heat
The dryer is getting too warm
Water leakage
Strange noise coming from the dryer
The motor is running but the drum is not spinning
The dryer would not work at all and more!

Kenmore (Sears) Fridge Repair

The job of your refrigerator is to keep both cooked and uncooked food fresher for longer. Your food will go bad sooner than it should if your fridge isn’t cold enough or if the motor stops working completely.
Call Maar24 when you need to fix your Kenmore fridge quickly. We live up to our name by offering same-day repairs all over Canada, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your fridge will be up and running before you know it.
Common Kenmore (Sears) Fridge issues we can solve
Fridge freezing food
Smelly fridge
Compressor is hot
The fridge is not cooling
Making strange noise
Leaking water
The refrigerator does not defrost
Refrigerator constantly runs
Water dispenser issue
Ice maker does not make ice
The fan is not working and more!

Kenmore (Sears) Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers make doing dishes less painful on the back. But without one, your dishes and silverware can quickly pile up. Contact us right away if your dishwasher is leaking, making strange noises, or just isn’t working as well as it should.
We can fix your Kenmore dishwasher at any time, day or night, and when our team arrives, they will be ready to fix it right away. Don’t forget that we serve all of Canada on the same day!
Common Kenmore (Sears) Dishwasher issues we can solve
Noisy dishwasher
Dishwasher is leaking
The dishwasher won’t latch
Dispenser doesn’t work
The dishwasher not getting water
Not cleaning dishes properly
The dishwasher doesn’t clean
The soap dispenser not opening
Appliance buttons don’t work and more.

Kenmore (Sears) Oven Repair

If your oven won’t turn on or you’re having trouble setting the temperature, it’s best not to use it until a professional fixes it. Call us and we’ll fix your Kenmore oven the same day so you don’t have to wait.
Our technicians are available 24/7, and we can diagnose and fix your oven on the spot so you can get back to making that feast. Our satisfaction guarantee covers all of the oven repairs we do, no matter what the problem is or what kind of oven it is.
Common Kenmore (Sears) Oven issues we can solve
Door is broken
The oven is making a noise
Temperature sensor failure
The appliance won’t turn off
Oven hinges problem
Thermostat needs calibration
Appliance not heating
The oven won’t self-clean
Fan keeps running
Device igniter malfunction
Bad odors and more!

Kenmore (Sears) Stove Repair

Whether you’re having trouble with just one hot plate or the whole stove, it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible. The problem could be dangerous, and it will also make it hard or impossible to cook.
Not to mention pricey if you want to eat there. Our team of trained experts can fix your Kenmore stove in a reliable, professional way. For your peace of mind, we guarantee that you will be happy with all stove repairs.
Common Kenmore (Sears) Stove issues we can solve
Touchpad unresponsive
Worn electrical wiring
Broken thermostat
Glass top stove crack
Motherboard control fail
The stove knob won’t turn
Stove flame orange and more!

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