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Decreasing time for doing domestic chores and saving it for your family is possible due to household appliances that were specially designed for this. Inglis home appliances is a proven way to achieve the best results at no additional cost. Whether you need kitchen or laundry room equipment, washing machine, dryer, refrig, dishwasher and stove from Inglis will always be the wisest solution providing you with reliable work and long service life. Also, modern and stylish design of the equipment let the devices to perfectly fit any design interior saving valuable space and giving you additional comfort and style.

Our fixing specialists ensure your full satisfaction and comfort

Our respectable and professional repair and malfunctions removing company is intended for delivering high standard fixing service to our clients. Our knowledgeable and skilled fixers deliver an extended range of services for:

  • installation and proper setup of the newly- obtained devices;
  • quick replacement the broken-down parts and elements;
  • regular maintenance of Inglis domestic devices including stoves, dryers, and ovens;
  • free advice and tips concerning the appropriate care of the unit to prolong its lifespan, along with answering any questions during the fix process.

Our skilled handymen can handle all models and modifications. No matter you need to figure out the reason why your refrigerator is broken, remove dryers faults or restore the dishwasher’s performance you can rest assured knowing that our certified electrician and techs will complete the task as fast as possible.

Inglis washing machines of the highest Canadian quality standard

Inglis represents two types of washing machines of high quality belong to the new generation of laundry devices.

  • Front/Top load washers;
  • Integrated washing machines.

The washers manufactured by Inglis are not noisy at all and can clean all the clothes a lot better than older models without even damaging it. The automatic control system finishes the cycle when the clothes are already dry, such a way avoiding appearing of wrinkles. Being also a device of high energy saving level it will significantly reduce your utility bills.

Furthermore, Inglis provides the opportunity to purchase so-called integrated washing machines that will perfectly go with any interior design without even occupying too much of its space. They perform the same variety of developed functionalities and are good for small spaces.

Our residential washer repair team of specialists possesses all the required skills and knowledge, as well as fixlaundry appliances equipment to restore and bring your dependable Inglis laundry unit back to operational condition. Scheduling the same or next day washer repairman appointment request you are guaranteed to get exceptional maintenance service and care your device definitely deserved. Quick response and repair are guaranteed as we are available 24/7 for all types of fixes needs.

Inglis Washer Repair

Your washer is an important piece of equipment, and doing laundry without it would take a very long time.
Call our team of expert technicians before you take all that laundry to the local Laundromat or start washing it by hand. Not only will we get there on time, but we’ll also fix your washer right away.
Common Inglis Washer issues we can solve
The washer is shaking intensely
Washer is noisy
Smelly washer
The washer is not turning on
The spinner is not working
Water is leaking
Drainer is not working
The dispenser is not working
The washer does not finish its cycle and more!

Inglis Fridge repair

Over the years, Inglis has made many different kinds of refrigerators. Any fridge can break down, no matter who made it or what kind it is.
Leaks, problems with the thermostat, and motors that don’t work right are all common problems. If any of these or other problems happen, your food could go bad if they are not fixed right away.
Call our repairmen to fix your Inglis fridge the same day. Our team will come with the parts and tools they need to finish the job quickly.
Common Inglis fridge issues we can solve
the fridge is too cold
The refrigerator has ice on the back wall
The fridge is not cooling
The refrigerator is leaking water
The refrigerator is making noise
The fridge temperature is too high
The refrigerator is not defrosting
The fridge ice maker is not working
The refrigerator is not making ice
Refrigerator is vibrating
The fridge light is not working
The fridge temperature is too low and more!

Inglis dishwasher repair

Dishwashers save you time and make sure that your dishes are clean and safe to eat. When your dishwasher doesn’t clean your dishes well or won’t turn on at all, it can be more than just an inconvenience.
Since we offer Inglis dishwasher repair services around the clock, you won’t have to worry about going back to washing dishes by hand.
Call us if you need repairs done quickly and on the same day by a team of skilled professionals.
Common Inglis dishwasher issues we can solve
dishwasher is beeping
The dishwasher door is not opening
The dishwasher won’t start
The dishwasher won’t fill with water
The dishwasher dispenser is not working
the dishwasher is not draining
dishwasher keeps running
the dishwasher is not turning on
the dishwasher is leaking water
The dishwasher won’t clean the dishes
the dishwasher is making a noise
The dishwasher drain hose is clogged and more!

Inglis dryer repair

Like your washing machine, your dryer saves you a lot of time when it comes to doing your laundry.
Your dryer speeds up the drying process so you don’t have to wait days for your clothes to dry. It also gets rid of the need for a washing line.
Common problems include problems with controlling the temperature and problems with the motor. No matter what kind of Inglis dryer you have, our technicians will fix it in no time.
Common Inglis Dryer issues we can solve
the dryer is making a banging noise
dryer is overheating
dryer doesn’t dry
The dryer won’t start
dryer is squeaking
dryer shuts off mid cycle
the dryer is making a clicking noise
dryer keeps beeping
the dryer drum is not turning
the dryer is not spinning
the dryer is burning clothes
The dryer stops after a few seconds and more!

Inglis Stove Repair

You can’t make your favorite meals without your English range. No matter how well you take care of your stove, wear, and tear will cause it to need repairs at some point.
The good news is that our team knows how to fix Inglis ranges and will get you back to cooking in no time.
Common Inglis Stove issues we can solve
Broken thermostat
Worn electrical wiring
Cooktop not heating
Motherboard control fail
The stove knob won’t turn
Touchpad unresponsive
Glass top stove crack
Gas stove flame orange and more!

Inglis Oven repair

We all love the oven, whether we’re making cookies, or bread, or just throwing in a frozen pizza after a long day at work.
Try to go a week without it, even if you don’t use it every day. But if something goes wrong, you’ll need to know how to quickly and easily fix an Inglis oven.
Our experts have the right level of knowledge and the right credentials to show how professional they are. Stop using your home tools, take a deep breath, and call us so you can get on with your day.
Common Inglis Oven issues we can solve
oven is overheating
oven won’t turn off
The oven keypad is not working
The electric oven keeps clicking
the oven is not heating up
the oven is making a loud noise
oven takes a long time to preheat
the oven is locked after self-cleaning
the oven is making a grinding noise
oven not reaching the temperature
Oven hot surface light stays on and more!

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