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Refrigerators, kitchen stoves, ovens, and many other domestic appliances are included in our list of the devices our company can unquestionably repair. Actually, we share the many-year experience with our customers delivering the possibility to receive competent fixing services conducted by polite and professionally trained techs. Currently, all the residents of Whitby, Ontario can comfortably hand over their broken units to our reliable repair company and be sure we will offer them the very best service options and smart fixing solutions.

Canadian cities we operate on

As a matter of fact, our competent fixing service is available in various Canadian towns and villages where a prospective customer can reply upon our fixing services giving us the possibility to share our long-term operational experience and pieces of advice with them. Actually, we are available in such areas: Oven accurate fixing. If your device doesn’t warm up, unexpectedly turns on and off or produces weird sounds, let a certified and licensed electrician check it up. When and where you purchased it is not important because our trained oven fixing specialists get your kitchen device cooking well again. Be certain that we have experience and knowledge of eliminating issues of all brands and models. Let our knowledgeable repairmen complete the high-standard job on schedule. Prior to starting any maintenance procedures, nice and polite handymen will estimate the fixing price and inform you.

General dryer dysfunctions our specialists can cope with. A dryer is one of the most used household devices. Not being aware of appropriate using conditions of it in order to prolong its service life can be a reason of various issues, the most typical of them are considered:

  • according to all indicators, the unit is running but the clothes remain wet;
  • the unit does not change the temperature;
  • it takes the appliance less time to run than usual that’s why it keeps switching off soon after being plugged in;
  • not all the water is drained after the cycle is finished;
  • blocked ventilation.

Exceptional dishwasher service. Still looking for trained and skilled dishwasher repairmen? Then don’t hesitate and call us. We`ll repair exhausted or broken dishwashers rapidly. Inexpensive fixing and maintenance price will nicely surprise. Don’t forget, dishwashers operate all the time. That is why they can accumulate a dangerous quantity of electricity. Schedule testing appointment by recommended certified electricians in your downtown. Your safety is essential to us.

Refrig and freezer maintenance. Standard refrigerating machine issues are usually associated with a bunch of problems caused by temperature swings. That means that your unit may change temperature completely, from significant low freezing all the foodstuff inside, to higher than usual because of the warm air penetrating inside.

MAAR24 Appliance repair near me Whitby

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Why Trust and Choose Us MAAR24 appliance repair?

Fully licensed and insured
Over 7 years of experience fixing appliances in Whitby.
Up to 3 month Warranty
Experienced in all All models
Available for same-day service

MAAR24 oven repair near me Whitby

MAAR24 washer repair near me Whitby

Washer repair near me Whitby

Our Whitby appliance repair specialists make every effort to offer complete appliance repair services to our customers, repairing all household appliances and all brands. Delivering reliable washer repairs in the Whitby area we are convinced that it will help avoid possible malfunctions in the future and let the washer operate in normal mode. Our professional service at reasonable rates includes both scheduled and urgent repairs, diagnostics and regular maintenance allowing avoiding the situation when the washer stops working. Any appliance repair service in Whitby is low-priced and available with no hidden costs for our customers.
Water leaks from the door or washer.
The washer won’t fill, drain, or spin.
The door or lid won’t open or close properly.
Some functions or cycles don’t work.
Weird noises or smells during operation.

Stove repair near me in Whitby area

Our Whitby appliance repair experts can deal with a wide range of modern kitchen appliances, including stoves, ranges, cooktops, cooking hobs and similar kitchen devices. Actually, if your stove stops working it can be true havoc. The appliance repair professionals from our company are committed to delivering speedy stove repairs anywhere in the Whitby area, thus reducing the downtime and your concerns to almost zero. As a part of our reliable stove repairs in the Whitby area, the customers may benefit from the top-notch informative support full of valuable tips and guidelines from our experienced fixers and skillful handymen.
Having a hard time starting?
Fail it start or does it stop midway through the cycle?
Does it prompt error messages?
Doesn’t push hot air, but tumbles?
The dryer cycle won’t start — my machine keeps shutting down
Excessive vibration and noise when the dryer is being used

Dryer repair near me in Whitby

Specific dryer malfunctions may result in more hard to eliminate issues potentially arising in the future if you do not care about them in time. That is why it is always necessary to have reliable dryer technicians to turn to and the support of Whitby appliance repair specialists. Providing reliable dryer repairs in the Whitby area our dryer handyman can quickly restore the workability of your faulty home appliance. Our Whitby appliance repair experts and repairmen from our fixing shops cover the entire territory of Ontario province.
Water doesn’t drain during a cycle
Shuts off in the middle of the cycle
The dryer doesn’t heat up
Does it take too long, than usual, to dry clothes?
Making concerning sounds?

Oven repair near me Whitby

Your broken appliances can be quickly renovated and fixed by same day appliance repairs in Whitby service, which you can trust your faulty oven. Our professional technician team is eager to provide immediate and quality oven repair in Whitby area. Maintenance and all fixing procedures including oven repair Whitby offered by our reputable Whitby appliance repair facility are available in all Ontario cities at completely affordable prices. Moreover, we also offer numerous discounts, which make us one of the most family finance-friendly oven repair in Whitby. You can always depend on our same day appliance repairs in Whitby. Our repairmen will perform precise inspection and fixing operations necessary to eliminate all possible malfunctions and faulty home appliance issues.
The oven door is broken or loose and won’t close
The range hood doesn’t circulate any air
Oven door stays open or closed
Timer errors
Display shows error messages

Fridge repair near me in Whitby

If your fridge causes you a headache being not enough cold, leaking water on the kitchen floor, or fridge stops running you can feel free to schedule your same day Whitby appliance repairs at our fixing facility. We highly recommend you to start the fridge repair in Whitby area as soon as possible to avoid potential major damage causing you spending much more money in the future for fixing or even replacing broken appliances.
Complete appliance repair services, including meticulous diagnostic and efficient household appliance repair procedures itself offered by our company’s fixers can help if you use these types of modern refrigerators:
Refrigerator with top or bottom freezer.
Side-by-Side refrigeration device.
French Door option.
Mini Fridge.
We have arranged these refrigerator repairs services, making them available everywhere in Ontario province providing people the opportunity to get skillful assistance and adequate support of our appliance repair professionals.

Dishwasher repair near me in the Whitby area

Our technicians fix various types of modern dishwashers also offer necessary help regarding purchasing and installing any of them. Our knowledge and experience give us the privilege to share our personal opinion on particular models of today’s dishwashing machines. Moreover, our appliance repair professionals offer speedy and reliable dishwasher repairs in the Whitby area. Don’t become discouraged if your dishwasher stops working because our Whitby appliance repair specialists are always ready to meet your fixing needs.
Doesn’t seem to get enough water.
Doesn’t drain fully.
Drying function isn’t working.
Door or seals don’t work.
The cycle begins, then stops and won’t start.

Whitby – Ontario – Canada

Whitby, Ontario

Whitby is a town in Durham Region. Whitby is located in Southern Ontario east of Ajax and west of Oshawa, on the north shore of Lake Ontario and is home to the headquarters of Durham Region. It had a population of 138,501 at the 2021 census.[2] It is approximately 45 km (28 mi) east of Toronto, and it is known as a commuter suburb in the Greater Toronto Area. While the southern portion of Whitby is predominantly urban and an economic hub, the northern part of the municipality is more rural and includes the communities of Ashburn, Brooklin, Myrtle, Myrtle Station, and Macedonian Village.Whitby, Ontario

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