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When it comes to broken devices there is always a problem regarding finding professional service that can send its experienced handymen to quickly solve the problem. Putting off the issue is not an option as some malfunctions require quick actions of the professionals. Indeed, our trustworthy repairing facility is ready to provide and perform a huge range of services in different parts of Canada.

Professional fixing services all over the country; areas we are available in

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Services and maintenance we provide to all our Canadian clients

From now you, all our customers will no longer have to worry about carrying super heavy household appliances to the special fixing shop tossing the unit out of the house. Instead, our experienced team can complete its job on schedule performing a big range of necessary services directly at your home. Here is the list of the professional maintenance procedures we usually provide to our clients:

  • Immediate and efficient broken parts replacement.
  • Recovering the functionality of a broken
  • Proper and accurate diagnostics.
  • Downtime reduced to a minimum.
  • Performing minor and major procedures to fix a broken device and restore its functionality.

If you are having such problems with your stove, it is the right time to call us!

There may be a lot of intricate parts inside the stove that can cause several malfunctions you quickly notice. When it comes to just one part that can fall we always talk about immediate replacement in order to avoid other potential malfunctions and glitches. If you notice such issues, keep in mind that you can always count on our appliance repair service:

  • The badly fitted door of the oven. The door may not close properly or does not close at all, which means all the warm air from the inside of the oven easily comes out.
  • The hob is not heating properly. If you cannot adjust the heat on the cooktop or experience several other problems with not getting the device warm enough for cooking, it means the coils are damaged and need to be replaced with the new ones as soon as possible.
  • The light goes out. This problem is usually related to the gas hobs and requires special maintenance of professional and certified handymen.

A final word about our fixing company

As you can clearly see, we provide professional assistance and repair a huge range of household appliances within a short period of time, when it is the most convenient time for our customers. We value the money of our clients as well as their personal time repairing the devices at the lowest possible cost in the country without overcharging them. Our team of experienced repairmen is always ready to give all the necessary advice when the device has been fixed in order to help an individual to expand its service life as well as maintain it correctly.

MAAR24 Appliance repair near me Markham

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Up to 3 month Warranty
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MAAR24 dishwasher repair near me Markham

MAAR24 dryer repair near me Markham

MAAR24 washer repair near me Markham

Dishwasher repair near me Markham

Unfortunately, the situation when a dishwasher stops working is familiar to many housekeepers. To relieve you from tiresome washing plates our Markham appliance repair specialists always find an individual approach in order to perform diagnostic procedures and fix a faulty home appliance. Striving to reduce the downtime our competent fixers are ready to deliver speedy dishwasher repairs anywhere in the Markham area which is reliable and affordable.
The dishwasher doesn’t work.
The cycle selector doesn’t work.
The dishwasher won’t drain.
The dishwasher doesn’t work.
Leaky door or seals.

Fridge repair near me in the Markham area

Our fridge repair in Markham includes performing necessary high-level diagnostic procedures using the newest equipment and tools in order to find what the reason why certain fault has suddenly appeared is. Apart from that, we give useful recommendations about how to avoid fridge stops running, the reasons why refrigerator fails and provide our clients with informative support emphasizing important aspects of fridge freezer usage after performing reliable fridge repairs in the Markham area.
Leaking coolant.
A fridge that won’t turn on
Leaking from the bottom of the ice maker
Icing up that clogs or damages the freezer
Loud bangs or vibrations coming from the compressor

Stove repair near me in Markham area

Your broken appliances can be restored and fixed by a professional and reputable Markham appliance repair company which you can count on. Our skilled appliance repair professionals provide prompt and quality stove repair in the Markham area. Our fixing specialists and stove handymen are ready to help you remove malfunctions and faults of a broad variety of modern cooking devices.
Notice that stove repair Markham is focused on servicing various models of kitchen stove appliance. For instance:
Induction kitchen stove.
Electric cooktops and hobs.
Kitchen stoves operating on natural gas or propane.
Coil type of electric stoves.
Stoves with a smooth surface.
Together with delivering top-notch stove repair Markham area, we consider informative qualitative support very important in our job. As a consequence, we take all the demands and wishes of our clients into our consideration and provide essential tips and advice based on particular situation emphasizing the importance of faulty home appliance maintenance after servicing.

Dryer repair near me in Markham

Speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Markham area available at our fixing centers for a wide variety of advanced drying machines are done by our competent dryer technicians and dryer handymen. They can find the essential reason why particular failure or malfunction appeared; therefore, suggest an efficient solution. If the dryer stops working, overheat, or produces no heat, doesn’t tumble, makes excessive noise let the true pros do their job. Our experienced fixers will checkup your faulty home appliance and offer reliable dryer repairs in the Markham area. Don’t hesitate to call and book same day service of dryer repair in Markham. Our dryer repairs services and assistance we provide are considered inexpensive as we have set low pricing accompanied by multiple special offers and discounts.
Turns off after being powered on
The machine is plugged in but not turning on.
Strange sounds start to bother you.
It is not heating up.
The machine won’t turn on or stops before the cycles finished

Oven repair near me Markham

The residents of Markham, Ontario, have the opportunity to fully rely on our household appliance repair services and experienced fixing specialists as we are ready to provide the best and speedy oven repairs anywhere in the Markham area. We hire trained oven repair technicians that possess the necessary knowledge that can help them come up with solutions that can eliminate any malfunctions. Informative assistance and strong Markham appliance repair specialists support always are part of our complete appliance repair services.
Stoves and countertops overheating;
Stoves not heating;
Electric issues;
Display issues.
Burners that won’t ignite

Washer repair near me in Markham area

Our speedy washer repairs anywhere in the Markham area will quickly restore your laundry helper, saving you from tiresome washing by hands. Moreover, our Markham appliance repair experts are ready to offer additional services that cover multiple aspects of the correct maintenance of a washing machine before and after getting it finally fixed.
Additionally, we are ready to share our knowledge with the customers by providing essential guidelines and tips regarding different aspects of reliable washer repairs in the Markham area as well as regular maintenance. We are convinced that such assistance is an integral part of advanced servicing and washer repair that helps to extend the life of a particular laundry unit.
The lid and/or door won’t open or has water leaking
Filter needs routine maintenance
Has a burnt smell
The washer is plugged in but not working.
It is not spinning or it is spinning too fast.

Markham, Ontario

Markham (/ˈmɑːrkəm/) is a city in the York Region of Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Downtown Toronto. In the 2021 Census, Markham had a population of 338,503,[2] which ranked it the largest in York Region, fourth largest in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and 16th largest in Canada.[3]
The city gained its name from the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe (in office 1791–1796), who named the area after his friend, William Markham, the Archbishop of York from 1776 to 1807.
Indigenous people lived in the area of present-day Markham for thousands of years before Europeans arrived in the area.[4] The first European settlement in Markham occurred when William Berczy, a German artist and developer, led a group of approximately sixty-four German families to North America. While they planned to settle in New York, disputes over finances and land tenure led Berczy to negotiate with Simcoe for 26,000 ha (64,000 acres) in what would later become Markham Township in 1794.[5] Since the 1970s, Markham rapidly shifted from being an agricultural community to an industrialized municipality due to urban sprawl from neighbouring Toronto.[6] Markham changed its status from town to city on July 1, 2012.[7]
As of 2013, tertiary industry mainly drives Markham. As of 2010, “business services” employed the largest proportion of workers in Markham – nearly 22% of its labour force.[8] The city also has over 1,000[9] technology and life-sciences companies, with IBM as the city’s largest employer.[10][11] Several multinational companies have their Canadian headquarters in Markham, including: Honda Canada, Hyundai,[12] Advanced Micro Devices,[13] Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Avaya,[14] IBM,[15] Motorola,[16] Oracle,[17] Toshiba,[18] Toyota Financial Services,[19] Huawei, Honeywell, General Electric[20] and Scholastic Canada.[21],_Ontario

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