Dryer Strange noises

Strange noises coming from your dryer can be a cause for concern and indicate underlying issues that might need attention. Different types of noises can point to various problems within the dryer. Here’s a guide to help you identify common strange noises and their potential causes:

  1. Thumping or Banging Noise: If you hear a loud thumping or banging noise during the drying cycle, it could be due to unevenly distributed laundry. Heavy items like sneakers or jeans can create an imbalance and cause the drum to hit the sides of the dryer. Try stopping the dryer, rearranging the load, and restarting the cycle.
  2. Squeaking or Squealing Noise: A high-pitched squeaking or squealing noise is often a sign of worn-out or malfunctioning dryer belts. Over time, belts can become brittle, loose, or misaligned, causing them to create friction against other components. These belts might need to be inspected and replaced.
  3. Rumbling or Vibrating Noise: Excessive rumbling or vibrating noises can occur if the dryer is not level or stable. Check if the dryer is placed on a flat surface and all its feet are touching the ground properly. If the dryer is still vibrating excessively, it might be an issue with the drum support rollers, which could be worn out or damaged.
  4. Scraping or Grinding Noise: A scraping or grinding noise can indicate a problem with the dryer’s glides or bearings. These components support the drum’s movement. Over time, they can wear out, leading to metal-on-metal contact and the associated noise. This issue typically requires replacing the affected parts.
  5. Rattling or Clanking Noise: Loose objects, such as coins or buttons left in pockets, can create rattling or clanking noises as they move around the drum. Empty all pockets before placing clothes in the dryer to prevent this type of noise.
  6. Whirring Noise: A constant whirring noise might stem from a faulty motor or motor bearings. Motors can wear out or become misaligned, resulting in abnormal noises during operation. If this is the case, professional repair might be needed.
  7. Clicking Noise: Clicking noises during the drying cycle might be caused by the cycling thermostat turning the heating element on and off. This is a normal sound as long as it’s not excessively loud or accompanied by other issues.
  8. Metallic Clanging Noise: If you hear a metallic clanging noise, it could be due to foreign objects (like zippers or fasteners) getting caught in the drum’s fins. Inspect the drum thoroughly and remove any foreign objects.
  9. Buzzing or Humming Noise: A buzzing or humming noise without the dryer turning on could indicate an issue with the electrical components. This might require professional attention to diagnose and fix.

In any case, if your dryer is making unusual noises, it’s best to stop using it until you can identify and address the issue. If you’re not comfortable diagnosing or repairing the problem yourself, it’s recommended to contact a professional appliance repair technician to assess and fix the noise-related problem in your dryer repair.


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