Why operation manual is necessary to study


Why operation manual is necessary to study

Buying any household appliance we also receive an instruction manual for its correct use. But, unfortunately, lack of time or our forgetfulness prevents us from reading it. This often leads to household appliances stops working and, as you already understood, we are the main reason for this sad event.  If you weren’t too busy and spent half an hour studying the operating manual, then your faulty home appliance would be protected from misuse and would serve you much longer. Below we have compiled a list of washer and fridge breakdowns that happened due to the user’s fault and some tips on how to correct the mistakes.

Washer repair cases

The very first problem leading to the washer stop working through the fault of the user is the failure of the drain pump. Usually, the reason that the pump breaks down so quickly is user carelessness. If you do not check the pockets of your clothes every time before washing, extracting all little things like coins, buttons, paper clips, and so on, you will have to call for washer repair services in Toronto to replace the drain pump very soon.

Another problem causing the washer doesn’t work properly is the overload. Each washing machine is designed for a certain weight of laundry that can be washed. Overloading the washing machine leads to loosening of its legs because of an imbalance that occurs during spinning. The laundry is unevenly distributed and this will damage the drum and other internal mechanisms of the washing machine.

The next problem because of badly run of the device by the user is the fault of the heating element of the washing machine. It burns out due to the accumulation of scale deposits on it. The scale leads to the high load of the heating element in order to heat the water to the required temperature. And because of the constant work in such an intense mode, the heating element burns out quickly.

However, do you know that all this is happening not only because of hard water? Everyone thinks that only the hardness of the water leads to scale formation but this is not true. Yes, this hard water cannot be avoided, and in this case, you can use water softeners only. But, there is another reason why scale accumulates so quickly on the surface of the heating element of the washing machine. This is the excessive use of detergents, rinse aid, and bleach. Do not use cleaning agents more than indicated in your operation manual or on the package.

Refrigerator fails situations

The refrigerator has long been in our house, and we just can’t get used to the fact that it is wrong to put hot kitchenware inside it because this leads to breakdowns and the fridge doesn’t work properly. Many users think that pots with hot food cannot be placed only in old model fridges, and this does not apply to modern ones. In fact, this belief is erroneous.  All modern models work using the same principle as old refrigerators. The reason is that when you put hot stuff in the refrigerator, the compressor of the device is overloaded. And no matter whether the new or the old fridge freezer model is in your kitchen, nobody is insured against compressor overload.

Often the refrigerator fails when its user distributes foodstuff inside incorrectly or there are very few of them and the device works idle. Many people do not know these simple facts, but if you read the instructions you will be aware of them.

While the refrigerator is defrosting frequently happens situations when the snow coat is picked off with something sharp. It is strictly forbidden to do this because this way you will only damage the household appliance.  If you don’t want to spend extra money on fridge repair let it melt slowly by itself.

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