Unfortunately, a few people know how to properly make the installation and initial activation of the refrigerator. As a result, many owners of this home appliance may experience troubles with their fridge doesn’t work properly due to an incorrect start. Of course, the causes of the refrigerator fails may be different but if you do not follow some of the rules for connecting the device after transportation, it can quickly fail.

The new fridge repair in your kitchen

As soon as a new refrigerator appears in your home free its rooms from not needed items. Typically, any new appliance can have film, cardboard, or protective foam to protect it while transporting. Therefore, carefully inspect all sections of the unit and remove everything. Then wash the refrigerator thoroughly inside and out. This is a mandatory procedure since you will store food inside it.

If a strong specific smell is present inside the chambers, then it can be eliminated using a solution of water with a few drops of acetic acid. Do not use any chemical detergents to clean the refrigerator, as chemicals can be absorbed into the food. Once you removed all the packages and wrapping materials and cleaned the device, you can proceed with the installation.

Refrigerator repair and start

Correct installation is the key to the long and reliable functioning of the household appliance. The device must be installed on the flat surface. To prevent the device from wobbling, you need to adjust its position using special legs. In order to say exactly how many hours after transportation must you have waited until the refrigeration can be started, it is necessary to know its transporting position. Manufacturers advise against transporting refrigeration units tilted or horizontally.

But there are situations when the height of the cooling device does not allow it to be transported vertically. In such cases, engine oil can enter the refrigerant circuit. Thus, if you immediately connect the refrigerator to the mains, the device will try to push the oil forward along the circuit resulting in more then likely breakdown of the piston system. Therefore, in order not to get a faulty home appliance requiring urgent repairs, remember a few simple rules for starting the refrigerator after transportation:

  • if the refrigeration unit was transported horizontally, wait 9-18 hours before switching on;
  • when transporting the refrigerator in the cold season, it can be turned on no earlier than after 8 hours, provided that it was moved in an upright position;
  • if the fridge was transported upright in warm weather, you need to wait only 4-5 hours before turning it on.

Be careful and handle your appliance cautiously to ensure its normal operation during a long period of time. However, if for any reason your fridge stops running or fridge doesn’t work properly, don’t hesitate to call our professional fridge repair services in Toronto. Be certain that our professional technician has enough knowledge and experience to eliminate any issue with your device delivering reliable fridge repairs in the Toronto and GTA area. Our complete appliance repair services are fast, reliable, and affordable. We offer professional service at reasonable rates and keep our customers updated concerning the latest special offers and all possible discounts.