If the oven fan is not rotating but the appliance is working properly, the reason may be a clogged fan. The simplest oven repair in this case is cleaning the fan blades from grease, dust, and food particles. When it is done the device must be lubricated. In the event that cleaning and lubrication do not bring positive results, the device must not be used and disconnected from the mains. Call Toronto appliance repair specialists to diagnose and fix the malfunction.

Why is the oven fan not working?

Experiencing oven fan spinning troubles make sure that the oven is functioning. It may be necessary to simply clean the cooler from dust and grease, as well as renew the lubricant. During operation, the fan passes through the blades not only air but also the smallest dust particles that are inevitably present in the air. Over time, dust and grease accumulate on the functional elements of the device leading to fan rotation issues and the oven doesn’t work properly. With this in mind, if such a situation arises, it is necessary to check whether the cooler is clean.

If the oven starts up, the blower, convection, or cooling fan works, but does not turn off, it is recommended to disconnect the oven from the power supply and call a professional technician. There may be several reasons for such a breakdown, including the failure of a special sensor. In this case, it is better to entrust the repair of faulty home appliance to a professional.

Useful tips from the experienced oven repair men

When planning to buy an oven, you should give preference to models equipped with both types of coolers. This makes the kitchen appliance more economical and functional, also convenient to use. Also, it is safer to work with it because there are much fewer opportunities to burn your hands. The best option is an oven with a convection function which will not only speed cooking up but also make a meal tasty and fragrant due to the even baking of all layers.

To let the fan working without breakdowns and spin issues, make sure to follow a few simple oven caring tips:

  • clean the surfaces and blades of the cooler with a special cleaning agent at least once a month;
  • do not use aggressive agents for cleaning;
  • wipe cooking appliance with a damp cloth after each cooking;
  • do not put the baking sheet on the bottom during cooking as this prevents hot air from the correct distribution.

In the event of a cooler malfunction, do not delay contacting the skilled Toronto appliance repair experts. Trained appliance repair professionals will not only figure out the reasons but also repair or replace the broken part at home. If the failed fan is only a consequence of another, more serious malfunction, you should not experiment with DIY repair as this may cause a total breakdown of the whole appliance. It is better to entrust restoring your kitchen assistant to experienced repairmen providing professional oven repair services. Our specialists and handymen can find the most cost-efficient fixing solution in any situation. You can fully rely on our excellent oven repair service and count on our professional assistance.