Looking for energy-efficient household appliances, you have undoubtedly come across the units with the Energy Star label. What does this label mean and why is it so important in terms of lowering your energy costs? Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service is here to explain all the basics you need to know about Energy Star, as well as its advantages and disadvantages (if there are any).

The definition of Energy Star

As for today, Energy Star is a voluntary program run by the American Environmental Protection Agency. It helps people discover efficient ways of saving money when using household appliances and units, providing improved energy efficiency. The program usually promotes energy-efficient units and products, aiming to reduce the overall consumption of energy, as well as pollution.

Another focus of the Energy Star voluntary program is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that usually come as the result of energy use in industrial or commercial buildings, and homes.

The meaning of the Energy Star label

When purchasing a laundry room appliance or a kitchen unit, you may notice different Energy Star labels, depending on the type of device you are looking for. The rating system of Energy Star voluntary program focuses on three significant points:

You should also remember that not every single household appliance features Energy Star label, which means it didn’t meet mandatory Energy Star guidelines in terms of being an energy-efficient unit, as this is a serious business that take care of their customers and also their employees using this free check stubs template for this. Moreover, the guidelines usually vary from appliance to appliance, meaning that the water requirements for dishwashing machines are different from the ones for modern washers.

Nowadays, the majority of appliances are available with Energy Star ratings and labels. If you are to replace one of your old household units with a new one, marked with Energy Star, you may save up to $300 on energy costs. Moreover, Energy Star offers a full list of devices available with Energy Star ratings. It includes

Achieving Energy Star label means that the appliance has successfully met energy-saving standards set by the voluntary program. However, becoming Energy Star unit consumer is a personal choice, although a great part of household units and other devices is labeled with Energy Star. If you decide not to go with Energy Star then your appliances might not have its expected lifespan and may break down more frequently, so make sure you are prepared for a future ac or heating repair.

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