The washing machine’s fault is a real tragedy for the housekeeper. Hand washing is gradually becoming a relic of the past, and nobody wants the idea of returning to it due to any appliance malfunction. We will talk about how to carry out a simple washer repair diy. Based on our tips, you can rectify the breakage of your unit without any problems if minor fixing required. Actually, the unprofessional can not immediately determine what exactly failed if the washer stops working unexpectedly. But some signs may indicate the cause of the malfunction. The following are the most common symptoms and possible causes of water temperature breakdowns to help diagnose.

The water in the drum does not heat up

Often this breakdown is not immediately detected. Most of the washing devices behave as if nothing had happened: they start the washing, rinsing, and spinning modes. You take out the laundry from the drum and do not even suspect that all the processes took place in cold water. At first, it’s possible to note that the quality of the laundry deteriorates sharply. Replacement of the detergent and changing washing machine operating modes do not help.

If you encounter such a problem, conduct a simple experiment. During the active mode of the washing machine at high temperature, gently touch the glass of the drum door. It should be heated with hot water. If this does not happen, most likely the water in the system does not heat up. There may be several reasons for this:

Of course, there is another option for choosing the wrong mode, when washing in cold water is provided for by the program. Therefore, before thinking that your washer doesn’t work properly read the instructions and make sure that the mode is selected correctly. The burnt heater is the same old story in the appliance repair service. Such a breakdown is common and people suffer from it very often. The heater may burn out due to a power surge, short circuit, or factory defect. The average life of the heater is about 5 years. Due to the constant heating and cooling, as well as the high salt content in piped water, the heater material is scaled, and this affects its performance. If the heater burned out, only its replacement can help.

If the temperature sensor breaks down the machine behaves differently. The heater is OK and ready to heat the water, the programmer sets the desired temperature, but the regulator, the temperature sensor, gives a false signal that the water has already been heated. Thus, the machine washes in cold water. Most often it is subject to replacement.

If the problem is electronics (the firmware failure or the board is physically damaged), the washing machine simply gives the wrong command and the water does not heat up. After the update, the washing is started again and, if the problem persists, the electronics should be replaced. This operation should be performed by a professional technician with special equipment and knowledge.

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