Appliance Repair in Unionville

Developing the same day fixing service to cover Unionville residential needs

Trustworthy fixers that care of your appliances and family finances. Our experienced appliances fixing company is well-known for its prompt and low-cost services in Ontario including Unionville and the surrounding area. Our 24-hour call center ensures our polite customer agents to quickly react to each case. Equipped with the latest technology achievement our certified technicians deliver professional repair and maintenance services, faults detection and consulting. Don’t ever doubt while opting our committed repair team as your reliable fixing partner for all residential needs. We guarantee you won`t be unhappy.

Delivering complete and exceptional services. From this time forward Unionville has the high-standard fixing facility performing the next types of repair work:

  • regular and urgent maintenance procedures for common brands and models;
  • meticulous and comprehensive breakdown analysis and machine testing;
  • replacement of basic and additional elements;
  • fixing dishwashers, stoves, cooktops, dryers, ovens, washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators malfunctions;
  • finding individual and inexpensive fix solutions;
  • replacement of switches, burners, glass, door insulation, etc;
  • shaking and noise removing;
  • restore of modes and programs;
  • tech expert assistance;
  • operational efficiencies improving.

Suitable and uncomplicated scheduling. Actually, now you are free from finding ways how to transport a bulky and heavy broken home device to the repair facility. You are provided a good opportunity to schedule a visit of our repairman at home. Our specialists are ready to arrive and inspect your non-operational domestic appliances at your location. Unless critical damage should be found out, we`ll fix it during the very first appointment. In other cases, you`ll be offered to deliver or let us transport a malfunctioning unit to the repair shop. But be certain that our knowledgeable handymen won`t keep you waiting for a stove or refrigerator days or even weeks. We understand that now it`s impossible to imagine a comfortable life without these invaluable assistants.

Cooktop, oven and stove malfunctions. When it comes to dealing with a nonoperational cooktop or stove, there are no such words like “too complicated” or “too simple” for our repairmen. We strive to preserve the custom of family dinners. Therefore, if you`re interested in comfortable and trouble-free cooking, contact our oven and stove repairmen today. Don`t waste valuable time if your stove or cooktop show the very first failure signs not switching on or producing the wrong temperature range. We`ll try our best to meet and even exceed your expectations accepting every challenge in order to provide local people with fixed and improved kitchen appliance and a tasty home-cooked meal.

MAAR24 Appliance repair near me Unionville

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7 days a week
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Same-Day in Unionville
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All Brands/Models
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7+ Years
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Why Trust and Choose Us MAAR24 appliance repair?

Fully licensed and insured
Over 7 years of experience fixing appliances in Unionville.
Up to 3 month Warranty
Experienced in all All models
Available for same-day service

MAAR24 stove repair near me Unionville

MAAR24 fridge repair near me Unionville

MAAR24 dishwasher repair near me Unionville

Dishwasher repair near me in Unionville

When dishwasher stops working or different circumstances and obstacles prevent such devices from normal operation, they can easily turn your after dinner time into a true nightmare.
Also, minor faults can lead to major problems in the future if you do not fix them on time. Therefore, it’s always important to have a service of prompt and reliable dishwasher repairs in the Unionville area located nearby able to offer the fast help and assistance of experienced handymen. Go right ahead and contact our Unionville appliance repair specialists for quality and speedy dishwasher repairs anywhere in the Unionville area from our appliance repair professionals.
A unit that makes unusual noises or has a burning smell
Doors and seals that leak water
A dishwasher that stops prematurely
A malfunctioning cycle selector
A dishwasher that fails to drain

Fridge repair near me Unionville

When it comes to the refrigerator, many individuals are concerned about not getting proper help and adequate assistance when they start experiencing troubles using this unit. Whether your refrigerator fails, doesn’t keep the temperature inside, or produces the excessive ice sheet our Unionville appliance repair specialists able to provide same day service of urgent repairs. Regardless of the brand or model, our Unionville appliance repair experts and appliance repair professionals will be able to provide quick and reliable fridge repairs in the Unionville area with additional assistance.
Additionally, minor faults can lead to major problems in the future if you do not fix them on time. Therefore, it’s important to have a reputable Unionville appliance repair service located adjacent to count on the rapid help and assistance of experienced repairmen. Don’t hesitate to call our Unionville appliance repair technicians for fast and quality fridge repair in Unionville delivered by pros.
The drain hose seems to be blocked.
The Frost-free freezer is full of frost.
Food spoils too soon.
The ice maker leaks clogs or doesn’t work.
Unusual humming or banging noises from the unit

Stove repair near me in Unionville

Don’t be sad if one morning you suddenly find out that the stove stops working. This event undoubtedly adds trouble for cooking breakfast for your family. Speedy stove repairs anywhere in the Unionville area accomplished by our household appliance repair specialists are the best way to improve the situation. Repairing all household appliances and all brands we offer reliable stove repairs in the Unionville area for different models. What distinguishes us from other appliance repair service in Unionville and fixing companies is that our experienced appliance repair professionals provide necessary assistance concerning different aspects of using a particular electric or gas-powered stove model in the kitchen.
The error message on the clock
Electric coils won’t heat
Cooktop creates sparks when turned on
The cooktop won’t turn on

Dryer repair near me in the Unionville area

Multiple reasons can cause dryer breakdowns which appears when you least expect that or, cause the situation when your dryer stops working at all. Simply call our Unionville appliance repair specialists, and you will get quick and reliable dryer repairs in the Unionville area. Moreover, you do not have to transport your faulty home appliance to the remote fixing shop. The skilled dryer handyman working in our reputable Unionville appliance repair company will come at your place as soon as possible with all the necessary advanced equipment and tools in order to provide speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Unionville area and eliminate the issue.
Drying stops midway;
Prompts error messages.
Dryer no heating enough
Spins too slow
Noisy motor

Washer repair near me Unionville

Our professional appliance repair in Unionville is ready to offer the most advanced servicing of washers of different types. Moreover, we have implemented a system of complete appliance repair services we offer to our customers. These services usually cover multiple aspects of the washer repair process. Delivering washer repair in Unionville our reliable fixers can eliminate such faults:
Washer stops working and doesn’t turn on.
The washing machine doesn’t drain.
The device is noisy and moving.
No detergent is dispersing.

Oven repair near me in Unionville area

Certain oven malfunctions lead to more serious problems potentially appearing in the future if you do not treat them on time. That is why it is necessary always to have reputable Unionville appliance repair technicians to rely on and the support of appliance repair professionals. Offering reliable oven repairs in the Unionville area our experienced oven repairmen can quickly restore your unit saving you from the inconvenience and related troubles. Our Unionville appliance repair specialists and fixers from our repair shops work all across Ontario, helping our potential customers to get their ovens checked, fixed, and maintained accurately.
A cooling fan is broken
The oven door doesn’t keep the oven closed
A thermostat is not working correctly
Top burners won’t work on an electric range
The range won’t bake

Unionville, Ontario

Unionville is a suburban district and former village in Markham, Ontario, Canada, 2 km (2.5 mi) west of Markham Village (the City of Markham’s historic downtown), and 33 km (20.5 mi) northeast of Downtown Toronto. The boundaries of Unionville are not well-defined. Several neighbourhoods claim to be part of it however, this has been disputed between the various wards.[1][2]
Unionville was founded north of 16th Avenue in 1794, and many of the farms on and around Kennedy Road. The Unionville Ratepayers Association designated a newer street, Rodick Road, as its western boundary, in the 1980s. Main Street Unionville, which was Kennedy Road in the mid-to-late 20th century, runs through Unionville while the new Kennedy Road runs 300 metres (330 yd) to the east. Rouge River runs north of the central part of Unionville and to the southeast. Highway 404 is to the west, with the nearest interchange with Highway 407 is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south on Kennedy Road. Unionville is predominantly residential except for the south central industrial area, which is slated for massive intensification.
Tourism is a major part of Unionville’s economy. The village itself still resembles the small town that developed over a century or so starting in the early 1840s (when Ira White erected his Union Mills) through the middle to late 20th century. Now a ‘heritage conservation district’, it attracts thousands of visitors each year — as of 2006 it boasted nine restaurants, including three pubs. Main Street (originally the laneway from the village’s first grist mill) also has a number of “century homes” dating back to the 19th century. Each year, thousands of people visit Unionville during the Unionville Festival.[3]
The main street has been a stand-in for fictional Connecticut town Stars Hollow during the first season of Gilmore Girls television show, and for other television and movie backdrops.
Most of the historic buildings in Unionville are included in List of historic buildings in Markham, Ontario.Unionville, Ontario

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