Unfortunately, unpleasant situations when the refrigerator fails are known to any person. Any model of the refrigeration system has special temperature sensors. As a rule, such sensors are bimetallic plates, but thermistors can also be used. The refrigerator settings depend on how many circuits are in the system. If there is only one circuit, then the adjustment takes place immediately for the freezer and fridge. If there are two circuits, then you can configure the fridge the way to make possible storing food in it, but at the same time, its freezer is off. With this configuration situations when the freezer works, and the refrigerator does not produce cold, or vice versa, are enough often.

Most common fridge freezer failures

Often the cause of the fridge doesn’t work properly lies in a malfunction of one of the circuits of the refrigerator. In this case, the following elements may not work:

If the refrigerator has a No Frost system, then the fan may fail. In addition, an ice block may form in the air circulation channel. In a single-circuit refrigerator, as a rule, two chambers fail at once. This can be caused by the same reasons as with a two-circuit unit. However, No Frost refrigerator models with only one circuit are quite common. Despite having only one circuit, the chambers can break separately in such models. This is because such a refrigerator has either two air regulators or two fans.

If the device has a bottom refrigerating chamber, then moisture will be removed through the same channel where the air passes. When the drain becomes clogged, ice builds up in the system because the air is cold. There is a built-in evaporator between the sections. It has two channels to each chamber: one for supplying air, and the other for removing it. The fan can be either one for the whole system, or two (one for each circuit). Due to the low temperature, the condenser can collect frost. Because of this, some believe that refrigerators with a No Frost function can dry food. When the refrigerator is defrosted, the condenser is heated using a special coil until all moisture is removed from the system.

If your refrigerator refuses to freeze, it is better to call a professional technician who can determine the exact cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. Our trained appliance repair professionals are always ready to suggest the smartest solution that will provide efficient and reliable fridge repairs in the Toronto area.

Additional refrigerator features

With the help of the adjustable legs of the refrigeration unit, you can install it normally even on an uneven floor. This is very important for further normal operation of the device. Thanks to the hinges on the refrigerator doors, you can determine the best location of the refrigerator in your kitchen. Side-by-Side refrigeration systems often include such features as ice or beverage dispensers. With this function, you can get easily cold drinks or ice without opening the door of the appliance. Fruit and vegetable boxes are another necessary element of a refrigeration system. Typically, standard cold rooms have a pair of boxes. They are made from special plastic ensuring preserving freshness of the products for a long time.