Things you need to know running a short washing program


Things you need to know running a short washing program

Short programs are a very convenient advantage of modern washing machines. They save both your time and energy. However, our Toronto appliance repair specialists are often asked about their efficiency and safety for laundry and device. That’s why our trained appliance repair professionals share their own experience and thoughts about this matter.

Washing heavily contaminated items

Undoubtedly, short programs of quick wash are very useful and tempting from the point of regular use. But they have their own specifics. For example, they are not suitable for every laundry type. Short programs are the best choice for freshening up stain-free clothes. But if we are talking about heavily soiled clothes or the presence of stains, the full program is required. The short programs usually provide for too low temperatures that are not able to remove persistent stains. So, it comes as no surprise that sometimes even after the short washing cycle the clothes don’t look perfectly clean.

Germs and dust mites removal

To eliminate germs and dust mites, the temperature must be at least 60 degrees. Sure, do not forget to read the labels on the clothes, since some delicate fabrics can be washed at 40C, not higher. It is recommended to wash linens and towels at high temperatures using detergents containing bleach to kill even the toughest bacteria. This is especially true if one of the family members is not very immune, for example, the elderly or small children.

Washing machine detergent and rinsing

The detergent which you use plays a significant role in the efficiency of the short washing cycle. Today, there are lots of various enzyme products available and they are the best option for removing different types of stains. Some products use bleach to clean and disinfect but they are less effective in removing stains. If you run the express program all the time, then keep in mind that the rinse will also be shorter. Therefore, it is better to load the washing machine halfway and use half of the recommended dose of detergent. This will ensure that your clothes will be well rinsed.

Mold smell

If you are fond of short low-temperature programs and use them often, you may have noticed that the washer begins to have the smell of mold. This happens due to the accumulation of different bacteria. Some washing machine models have a dedicated function of drum cleaning which should be used from time to time to get rid of the unpleasant effect of mold accumulation.  If not, just run the longest possible cycle:

  • with no load;
  • at very high temperatures;
  • use both a detergent and bleach.

This should be done every few weeks. In addition, regularly clean the detergent drawer and rubber pads around the drum to keep your important household appliance clean and last longer.

Tips for washing clothes

Do not forget to pay attention to the clothes care recommendations on the label from the manufacturer before loading them in the washer. Wash bedding and accessories (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers) at least once a week or even more often if the weather is hot. Wash bath towels after three to four uses and dish towels and hand towels after every day of use.

If for any reason your washer stops working or fails, our professional technician team provides quick and affordable washer repair services in Toronto and GTA. If you notice any malfunction signs, wrong washing cycle, leaking water, as well as many other breakdowns, don’t hesitate to book your appointment for speedy washer repairs anywhere in the Toronto area.

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