A dishwashing machine is indeed great assistance in terms of cleaning a pile of dirty dishes. But it is essential that one know how to use it correctly. Otherwise, you are more likely to end up unintentionally shortening the life of the dishwasher repair. Our largest appliance repair company in theΒ  area recommends bearing in mind the following instructions and suggestions so as to avoid the things that you are doing wrong and that are very bad for your kitchen appliance.

  • Hard water. You are not responsible for the quality of the water you consume but you still need to be aware of what kind of water your dishwashing machine uses to clean the dishes. Hard water may cause your dishes to break faster, and is not very good for the dishwasher, either, as it causes mineral layers to appear on the inner walls of the unit, as well as inside the pipes.
  • Leaving broken dishes and glasses. Some things tend to break in the dishwashing machine and you should consider it absolutely normal. What is not normal is when you leave all the broken parts inside the dishwashing, avoiding removing them for a long time. Although there are excellent samsung water filters & icemakers available, glass particles can get into filters and drain pipes, therefore, it is recommended thoroughly checking those locations after those minor incidents.
  • Overloaded dishwashing machine. Just like you must avoid overloading your washer and drying machine, the same applies to dishwashers. Otherwise, you will end up dealing with an overheated kitchen appliance, dirty dishes, and many other very unpleasant issues. Learn by heart how to load your dishwashing machine correctly to avoid any major issues.
  • Delay cycle. Since the delay cycle has been created for the majority of modern dishwashing machines, it means it has its purpose. But it does not mean it has to be used all the time because the delay cycle does not appear to be very good for the dishwasher. If the delay cycle is on, it means that your appliance works harder in terms of heating the water, which can lead to over-heating.
  • The food trap. This part of the dishwashing machine ought to be emptied manually at least once a week (depending on how often you use the unit) because the food trap, as the name speaks for itself, traps all the food particles that remained on the dirty dishes you have put in.
  • The dishes are too dirty. Indeed, before being put into the dishwashing machine, all the dishes ought to be at least rinsed in the warm water. Otherwise, all the big food particles and grease will get stuck in the different parts of the dishwasher system, causing it to break down.

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