The dishwasher is one of the essential appliances in your kitchen. However, you should always know how to use it correctly to avoid doing fatal mistakes and allow your device to perform as best as possible. Our experts from the largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area are here to describe what you have been doing wrong when loading your dishwasher.

Things you might be doing dryer repair

So, what are the things you may have been doing wrong when loading your dishwasher?

  • Thinking that your loading method is the most perfect one. Every individual has their method of loading dishwashing machine that he or she considered the most perfect one. However, it might not be the case because the majority of people repeat the same mistakes when loading their dishwashers. You should be opened to all useful advice related to correct dishwasher loading to change or modify the way you load yours.
  • The water isn’t hot enough. Dishwashers usually have the optimal hot water temperature that allows them to perform at their peak and efficiently remove all the food stains. If the temperature of your dishwasher is less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 50 degrees Celsius), consider checking the settings of the heater you use.
  • Loading plates on the top rack. One of the most common mistakes is related to the incorrect arrangement of the dishes. Plates and other similar dishes usually go to the bottom rack rather than the top one because the bottom rack is specifically designed for dishes with such a shape.
  • Using powder and liquid dishwasher detergent. Indeed, liquid and powder detergents do their job and clean the dishes thoroughly, but gel packs, known as pods, can do the job even more efficiently. The pods don’t leave water spots on the dishes, keeping them fresh and clean.
  • Fully rinsing the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. It is a known fact that the dishwasher ought to be pre-rinsed before putting it into the dishwasher machine. However, this is only partially true as it is enough to only get rid of large food particles without fully rinsing the plates.
  • Large utensils. Another common mistake you may do is putting large items and eating utensils in the wrong spot in your dishwashing machine. They ought to be placed on the top rack as it is specifically designed for such items. Moreover, certain models of modern dishwashing machines feature separate racks created for utensils so that you don’t put them into the utensil basket that is designed for smaller items.

If your dishwasher doesn’t work properly, our team of Toronto appliance repair experts is here to get your appliances back to life and provide professional maintenance.

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