The reason for the washer doesn’t work properly having a problem with water intake can be either a breakdown of one of the machine components or different external factors. Toronto appliance repair specialists identify two groups of reasons, internal and external. The first group includes:

The second group includes the following factors:

The problems belonging to the second group usually can be eliminated by the user himself. However, if the measures taken do not help, you will have to call for professional washer repair services in Toronto.

The washer draws water too slow

If water enters the washing machine slowly, you need to check the water flow from the supply. Maybe it is just weak. You should also check the inlet tap of the washing machine water supply, it may not be fully open.

Also, there is a fine mesh filter which is located before the inlet valve. It is necessary to remove large particles presented in the water. Over time, this filter becomes clogged and the washer does not intake water as it should. To eliminate this issue, you need to make sure that the inlet valve filter is clean.

Another reason that the unit does not pump water may be the clogging of the additional water filter installed in front of the inlet hose. This filter must also be checked and, if necessary, cleaned thoroughly.

The washing machine does not draw water at all

If the washing machine doesn’t fill with the water completely, one of the following breakdowns is possible:

Even the best-quality washer stops working after the long-term operation. Entrust the important task of washer repair to our fixing experts who accumulated extensive experience in the diagnosis and maintenance of washing machines of various types and models at home.