The SuperFrost mode and its features


The SuperFrost mode and its features

Surprisingly how few people regularly use this useful mode which significantly reduces the negative effects of foodstuff freezing while maintaining its original appearance, benefits, and taste. Also, the proper use of SuperFrost mode considerably decreases the risk of rapid wear of frequently required parts and subsequent need for fridge repairs.

What is SuperFrost mode?

This is a mode of temporarily lowering the temperature in the freezer to -30…35°C (-37…39°C in some models). For comparison, the regular temperature in the freezer is -18…20°C. This mode can be called SuperFrost, Shock Freeze and many other similar terms depending on the manufacturer but the principle of operation for all is practically identical.

When the SuperFrost mode is activated, the compressor (and the No Frost system, if any) starts to run continuously until the shock freeze temperature is reached. After that, two options are possible, depending on whether you have an automatic super freezing mode or manual.

  • Automatic option. In most advanced refrigerators, this mode is automatically turned off. The reduced temperature will be kept for a sufficient time for a full deep freeze (from several hours to a day), and then the freezer will return to its standard temperature.
  • Manual control. In the devices with manual control, you need to turn off this mode manually after some time. Don’t keep it for too long because the refrigerator works at the limit of its capabilities consuming much more electricity.

The advantages of SuperFrost mode for food

This mode is necessary to make the process of freezing the newly loaded foodstuff faster and correct. By correct is meant the so-called shock freezing when the liquid contained in the food items bypasses the stage of a slow crystallization, thereby not damaging the fibers and structure of the food.

The shock freezing method allows you to preserve the appearance and beneficial properties of vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, fish, and other foodstuffs. In addition, if there are other previously frozen items in the freezer, then when SuperFrost mode is activated, they will not undergo partial defrosting being very close to the newly loaded ones with room temperature.

How to use the SuperFrost mode correctly

Toronto appliance repair specialists recommend turning on the Shock Freeze a few hours before loading new foodstuff. This will let the freezer to reach the required temperature by the time when grocery arrives. In simple words, turn on SuperFrost before leaving home to shop for groceries.

If the refrigerator has a special tray for the proper freezing of berries, herbs, mushrooms, etc., spread them out in a thin layer, and they will not stick together when frozen. And most importantly, using the operating manual or the manufacturer’s website you need to find out the freezing capacity of your refrigerator model.  In other words, how many kilograms of food it can freeze in one day?

Remember this value and never exceed it because Shock Freeze mode forces the compressor to work at its limit. Its overloading due to too much foodstuff inside the freezer will cause various malfunctions and fridge doesn’t work properly. Just do not overload it and your refrigerator will serve you for a long time.

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