Situations, when one or more hotplates fail, are not so rare. How to act in such a case? If the hotplate does not work on the hob, it is necessary to check the power circuit elements, thermostats, control panel, and temperature switches.  However, having no knowledge of the design features of this device type, and the skills of their assembly and disassembly, as well as special fixing tools, it will not be possible to properly identify the cause of the malfunction.

Thus, if such a situation happens with your kitchen appliance you need to contact professional appliance repair in Toronto. The only thing that any person can determine without competent repairman assistance is the presence of a crack on the working surface of the hob.

DIY hotplate testing

If you have even minimal skills working with electronic devices, you can do the following:

The related malfunctions

Toronto appliance repair specialists are ready to fix the following hob malfunctions:

Also, it may happen that the left or right pair of hotplates does not work. The professional technician will check the contacts and connections of the coils and the control unit. If the contacts are normal, either the control unit or the hotplates unit will need to be replaced. However, in some instances, the probable cause lies in the loose contacts on the terminal box or in the blown fuse of the coil block. Contact restoration or fuse replacement required.