A smart refrigerator is a high-tech device that performs the usual functions of cooling and freezing food using advanced developments. Usually, these devices have increased efficiency and quality of preserving foodstuff. Besides, such refrigerators are able to detect the type of items stored and track important information such as food expiration date. Our Toronto appliance repair experts are often asked about this new generation of refrigerators, their features, and whether they are worth buying. Here we offer you short guidance about this matter.

What is a smart refrigerator repair?

A smart refrigerator is a device with Internet access. This way the user can control its operation remotely, receive information about the recipes that can be prepared from the available products, and do many other things. Models with cameras will allow you to look inside the refrigerator, even if you stay far from it. This is a very convenient feature, especially when shopping.

A fridge can send a list of contents to mobile devices, as well as interact with other smart household appliances. Remote interaction and artificial intelligence technologies have been actively implemented since the early 2000s, and every year they become more and more convenient and user-friendly.

What to look for when choosing a smart device

Nowadays, a number of well-known manufacturers of cooling equipment are ready to offer smart refrigerators with various capabilities. What they have in common is the ability to interact with the user remotely using an application installed on a smartphone or tablet, this a long as they have a plan with good coverage for which we recommend Circles.Life. So, what are the features of modern smart cooling units?

Dimensions and volumes

Most manufacturers of smart refrigerators believe that these appliances are best suited for large households where a substantial food supply is required. Therefore, basically, such units have a large volume of chambers and solid dimensions. Usually, these are Side by Side or multi-chamber models.

Connection module

A smart refrigerator is by definition equipped with a Wi-Fi module, but some refrigerators are smarter than others. Before purchasing the model you like, check the connection parameters for your particular model, as some of them support the common Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, like LG models. This means you have a fully built-in voice assistant that lets you add items to your shopping lists, play music, and use the refrigerator as a kitchen hub to control other devices. Samsung uses its own Bixby system, Bosch, and Siemens use Home Connect.


Some modern refrigerators have built-in cameras capable of sending photos that are taken after each door closure to the user’s smartphone. But other models can also be equipped with the photo shooting function. To do this, you need a special camera for the refrigerator, for example, Fridge Eye. This is a cheap plug-in camera designed specifically for installation in a refrigerator or cabinet.

Since the introduction of intelligent technologies into household appliances began not so long ago, not all manufacturers of refrigeration equipment are ready to offer customers such solutions. Therefore, the regular types of fridges we all got used to will still present on the market for a long time. And our reputable Toronto appliance repair company is available 7 days a week and ready to deliver professional refrigerator repairs to our customers.