The major breakdowns of the parts requiring professional refrigerator repairs


The major breakdowns of the parts requiring professional refrigerator repairs

In one of our recent articles, we talked about a number of refrigerator breakdowns that can be easily fixed even without a skilled fridge repair specialist involving. Now let’s try to figure out the malfunctions which require serious and professional fridge repairs, also the parts of refrigerators that cannot be repaired at all.

Compressor breakdown

A compressor is a motor that makes the refrigerant circulating through the pipes generating cold. Most often, the compressor breaks down for three reasons:

  • factory defect;
  • old age wear;
  • premature wear due to constantly increased loads.

If two of the mentioned reasons are clearly understandable, the third one requires some additional explanation. Situations that expedite deterioration may happen, for example, due to breakdowns of other parts (as an example, a seal) or improper installation of the unit (for example, next to a heating battery), forcing the compressor to work harder.

If your fridge doesn’t work properly due to the compressor failure, then at first it starts to make a lot of noise, creak and rattle. After a while, it stops turning on and does not make a sound at all. If the compressor no longer turns on, it is almost always must be replaced, which is quite costly, up to half the cost of the unit. If it still works, then it probably can be fixed.

Moreover, sometimes the reason for the noise is not wearing but a breakdown of the compressor casing suspension. In this case, only the fasteners should be repaired. Sometimes the problem can be eliminated by adjustment with the help of brackets, springs, and bolts. If the model has an external compressor suspension, then our professional technician can fix everything on the spot, if the internal one, most likely repair should be done only in the workshop.

Refrigerant leaking in the foamed part of the evaporator

When the pipes used for the refrigerant circulating fail, fridge repairs are also expensive. If the leak has occurred in the foamed part (this can be determined by the swollen plastic), then the refrigerator is often beyond repair. This is true for many models. However, there are some models where the fridge repair services in Toronto are still possible.

To repair the foam part, the repairman needs to almost completely disassemble the unit, repair the pipes, refill the refrigerant, and then foam the pipes again. Even if the professional fixer will do the first three manipulations, the last stage (foaming) should be carried out at the factory. Such refrigerator repairs may cost unreasonably expensive.

Thermostat damage

If the refrigerator or freezer does not freeze, then there is a decent chance of thermostat breakdown. To check whether it is working properly or not, the refrigerator must be disassembled. The wires are disconnected from the thermostat and the electric current is turned on directly. If after that procedure the compressor starts working, then the cause of the breakdown is in the thermostat. However, this is one of the frequently required parts that is not possible to repair. It must be replaced. This is exactly the kind of breakdown when the replacement is fully justified because a refrigerator with a new thermostat can serve for many more years. By the way, the declared service life of the thermostat is three to four years, although they usually work much longer.

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