The drying machine generates an error message


The drying machine generates an error message

The dryer stops working and generates an error message. There are two ways the situation can go: an electronics or mechanics failure. In the first case, the machine needs to be unplugged for half an hour or an hour and then turned on again. If the error message does not disappear, events will develop according to the second scenario. This means that the cause is a malfunction of any dryer components and you need to call professional dryer technicians to fix the situation.

The dryer may generate an error message for the following reasons:

  • breakdown of the drain pump;
  • malfunction of the electronic board;
  • temperature regulator malfunction;
  • condenser tank overflow;
  • filter or drain hose clogged;
  • fan breakdown.

Why does my dryer give an error?

Below compiled a few most common reasons why the drying machine can give errors and their fixing solutions.

  • The drain pump is out of order. Replacement is required.
  • Temperature controller problems. Repair or replacement of a faulty part may be required.
  • A blinking control module indicator may indicate that the condensate tank is overfilled with water. It’s necessary to drain it.
  • The control unit errors. In this case, Toronto appliance repair specialists can try to reflash the module or completely replace the control unit of the dryer.
  • The filter in the drain pump is clogged with micro cloth particles or threads. The solution is to clean the filter or completely replace the component.
  • The machine cannot drain the water due to a clogged drain hose. It is necessary to clean the hose, filter, or completely replace them.
  • A failed fan can cause an error to appear on the display indicating a problem. The dryer repair means fixing the faulty mechanism or replacing it.

Common error codes for Bosch drying machines

If you are the owner of Bosch devices, then remember the value of the following error codes. Before starting to panic and trying to fix the breakdown on your own, just disconnect the dryer from the mains for a while and then turn it on. If the errors disappear then nothing bad happened with your dryer.

  • F11, F12, F13 (electronics issues). These symbols indicate that there is a problem with the electrical system. The set drying mode will be stopped. When F11 appears, visually inspect the device, you may need to replace the power unit. F12 requires the unit to dry. F13 indicates that there was a malfunction in the flowing hairdryer.
  • F09 (drying stopped). A common code that informs the user that drying is not in progress. The reason is a clogged condenser or a full condensate tank. In the first option, you should clean the part, and in the second, manually drain the container, if the automatic draining did not occur.
  • F06 and F08. F06 means a problem with the heating system. This requires a visual inspection and replacement of broken parts. F08 indicates a breakdown of one of the unit’s sensors. The elimination of the issue is similar to the previous one: inspection of wires and contacts, installation of serviceable frequently required parts.
  • F10 and F14. These errors indicate that the system has failed and the evaporation rate regulator is faulty. In both cases, we do not recommend doing repairs yourself, but entrusting the dryer repairs to trained appliance repair professionals.

Error codes indicate a specific problem, but most breakdowns are easily identifiable by external indicators.

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