The dishwasher does not turn off


The dishwasher does not turn off

The main advantage of your dishwasher is its automatic operation. You loaded the dishes inside the household appliance, started a specific washing program, and left the house calmly. The dishwasher will do all the work, clean and dry the dishes, and then turn off. You will have only to get out completely clean and ready to use kitchenware. But it also may happen that the dishwasher does not turn off after the cycle continuing to work nonstop. If you do not know why the dishwasher doesn’t work properly not turning off, then only calling the trained appliance repair professionals will help.  They will sort out the problem and find the most optimal repair method.

What to do if the dishwasher won’t turn off

If you find that after the end of the washing program your device continues to work, then you need to disconnect it from the mains, unload all the dishes and call the professional technician. Further operation of such a faulty home appliance is not safe. Such a nonstop operation can damage your expensive kitchenware, also the pump. At the same time, during the work, the unit constantly consumes electricity and water which will immediately affect your utility bills. That is why turn off the device and immediately call the repairman.

Some users try to solve the problem on their own and fix it. But it is necessary to be aware that without special knowledge, tools, and fixing experience, dishwasher repairs are impossible. You can cause additional damage, which means that repairs will be even more expensive. Considering that today it is possible to get same day Toronto appliance repairs affordably, it is better to use this particular solution to the problem. The advantages of Toronto appliance repair experts:

  • Faster and better repair.
  • After diagnostics, you get the most optimal and cost-efficient solution to the problem.
  • All the functionality and capabilities of the dishwasher are preserved.
  • The machine is disconnected, connected, and configured by a professional technician.
  • Use of high quality and original frequently required parts during the repair.

Typical reasons why the dishwasher doesn’t work properly operating continuously

As practice shows, most of the problems with the cyclical operation of this household appliance are caused by the control board malfunction. It has a controller that must carry out a certain program of its work. When you have selected a program on the control panel, the controller would start it for execution. The dishwasher program has several cycles. The first cycle is a testing of all sensors and if everything is correct, then the pressured water supply is started. The second cycle is the supply of detergent and intensive washing of the loaded dishes with jets of water. The last cycle is to pump out the dirty water. The malfunction can occur exactly on the last stage.

The controller’s task is to receive information from one sensor about lots of water that must be drained. After this information, a signal is sent to the pump device, which pumps out dirty water. After pumping out of all the water, the second sensor must send a signal to the control mechanism, which will turn off the pump and transfer the control panel to the final mode. If the sensor does not work or the controller does not receive signals correctly, then the dishwasher will work continuously.

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