Dryers are household appliances designed to remove moisture from clothes after washing. The processing of clothes in a drum is carried out by exposure to hot air currents. Many modern models are equipped with advanced functions like steaming or ironing. All drying machines are highly reliable and durable appliances. Nevertheless, the risk of their breakage is not excluded, and usually, malfunctions occur due to natural deterioration of elements and parts, improper operation, or manufacturing defects.

Why professional dryer repair should be necessary?

It is advisable to entrust the dryer repair to professionals since only in this case you can count on the complete appliance repair services restoring the functionality of your faulty home appliance. Toronto appliance repair specialists will accurately determine the existing faults and find the right way to eliminate them. The dryer may need to be repaired due to:

  • depressurization of the outlet valve;
  • uneven laundry weight distribution;
  • overloading the dryer;
  • overheating of the appliance due to insufficient air circulation.

Most often, fast and reliable dryer repair services in Toronto include:

  • the removal of foreign objects;
  • elimination of blockages;
  • the heating element or pump replacement;
  • installing a new temperature sensor;
  • replacement of the humidity sensor.

Our skilled dryer technicians have considerable experience of working with household appliances of various brands. This allows them to quickly restore the performance of drying machines. Speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Toronto and GTA area are carried out in three main stages:

  • Diagnostics (required for evaluating the condition of the device and identifying existing faults).
  • Selection of the optimal repair strategy, picking out the necessary components and frequently required parts.
  • Trouble-shooting.
  • Testing and performance checking.

Also, we give a long-term guarantee for the repair services rendered.

Typical dryer malfunctions and how to fix them

The structure of the drying machine is quite simple, so all possible breakdowns when the dryer stops working can be combined into several groups:

  • The device does not turn on, no response on the buttons’ pressing. The unit may lock up if the door is not closed properly or the lock is broken. A more serious cause of such a malfunction is wiring or the control unit problem. In this case, expert dryer repair services across Toronto are impossible without thorough diagnostics.
  • The device operates, but the drum does not spin. This situation may be due to overloading and breakage of the drum bearings and drive belt. Removing this issue is enough difficult task requiring complete disassembly of the drying unit.
  • The tumble dryer is leaking. The malfunction most likely affected the condensation and moisture removal system. Perhaps one of the nozzles has moved away or a blockage has appeared in the pipes. Another reason for such a breakdown is the wear of the drain pump.

To avoid costly repairs and inconvenience when the dryer doesn’t work properly, do not overload the appliance, ensure sufficient air circulation, and regularly clean filters. The drying machine will serve you for many years without major malfunctions.