Delivering safe and reliable fridge repair area our technicians are often asked different questions related to the purchase of the new refrigeration unit. Below we compiled the key information that, according to the opinion of our trained appliance repair professionals, should be known before actual purchase.

Buying a refrigerator doesn’t have to be spontaneous. This is an important decision that must be considered carefully. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a budget base model or are ready to spend a large amount on a two-door refrigerator with many options, you need to do some initial preparation.

What is necessary to do before buying

The To-Do List below will help you to make the right choice but you don’t have to go strictly point by point. Work out your own priorities and go.

  • List the most attractive refrigerator models.
  • Decide on the style.
  • Choose a color and material.
  • Set a budget.
  • Determine the capacity.
  • Calculate the dimensions and find the location.
  • Select delivery and installation options.

List the most attractive refrigerator models

Select several models in the store that meet your requirements and make a list considering all their strong and weak points. A refrigerator is not bought for one day, therefore, it is worth taking extra time to understand which model suits you best.

Decide on the style

There are many configurations of refrigerators. Choose your style:

  • Top/Bottom Freezer.
  • French-Door.
  • Side-by-Side.
  • Other.

Choose a color and material

Since you will be using the refrigerator every day, choose a material and color that will work well with your kitchen interior design:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Black stainless steel.
  • Plain black or white surface.
  • Other colors.

Set a budget.

Remember that the price of a refrigerator, like any other household appliance, may vary depending on the manufacturer, supplier, store, and other factors. Before buying, determine how much you can spend.

Determine the capacity

The size of your kitchen and your family’s habits will be the determining factors. There are two important parameters: the total capacity and the usable capacity of the device. Often increasing one parameter leads to decreasing the other. For example, built-in ice storage dispensers take up space in the chamber that could be used to store foodstuffs. If you have a modest-sized kitchen, then choose a refrigerator with the minimum difference between the total and useful capacities.

Calculate the dimensions and find the location.

When buying a new refrigerator, you need to carefully measure the entire space. First of all, measure the place where you are going to install the unit. Make sure that the door of the appliance does not touch the wall or the corners of furniture when opening. Leave some space around, a couple of inches around the perimeter for ventilation. The fridge doesn’t work properly with no appropriate cooling.

Select delivery and installation options

Some stores include shipping and installation, but not all. Make sure to trust the installation process to a professional technician as this is essential for further work with no breakdowns and malfunctions. Our Toronto appliance repair specialists will be happy to assist with whatever you need.