Reasons why the dryer remains laundry wet


Reasons why the dryer remains laundry wet

Toronto appliance repair specialists often face dryer malfunction when the laundry remains wet after the drying cycle is over. The causes and symptoms of this breakage may vary. In one case, the drying machine does not start the drying function, in the other, you take out wet laundry from the chamber despite the program has ended successfully. So, what is the problem, and how is possible to eliminate the reasons of it?

Issues causing dryer doesn’t work properly and their fixing

Let’s start with usual situations which include control errors and misuse:

  • Incorrectly set program.
  • If overloaded, the appliance will stop working.
  • The drain filter is clogged. If the water is not completely drained from the tank, the device will not proceed to the next step. The dryer technician must clean the filter.

Also, make sure the door is tightly closed. Until the electronic lock is triggered and the control module receives a signal, the program will not start. Press the door harder until it clicks.

Other possible problems are as follows:

  • Loading of dense multi-layer items. Such products require maximum drying, so set the mode again.
  • The Ironing mode is on. With this mode activated the clothes are deliberately kept slightly wet to make them easier to iron. Please choose a different option.
  • Increased room temperature. The hotter is inside the room, the longer the laundry will take out moisture. If it is not possible to move the unit to another place, ventilate the room more often.
  • The low voltage in the mains. If your model includes two heating elements for drying then electricity consumption increases.
  • The air filter is clogged. With this issue, the clothes dry for a long time and remain wet. The part retains small debris, pile, threads during the cycle. It needs periodic cleaning, therefore call for dryer repair services in Toronto.
  • The device doesn’t intake water. In this case, the drying operation is interrupted. During the drying process, the tank is cleaned of lint with water, and also it cools the condenser. If you followed the recommendations from the manual but it was not possible to restore the operation of the appliance then the reason is a breakdown.
  • The program is interrupted, the display shows an error code. The laundry is still wet. The reason is the breakdown of the heating element or its thermal sensor.
  • The fan does not work, the program is interrupted, a code may appear on the display. The point is a malfunction of the fan, the motor. The above two malfunctions can occur due to broken contacts or open circuit. The fan is running, but items are still wet.
  • The air duct that supplies hot air from the heater is clogged.
  • The drain from the container where condensate accumulates is clogged.

These and other malfunctions like the damaged controller, cycle interruption, error codes appearing, problems with the drain and water intake system should be repaired by trained appliance repair professionals providing expert dryer repair services across Toronto.

The main advice from experienced dryer technicians is to clean filters and other drying elements regularly to avoid problems with the operation of the drying appliance.

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