Efficient solution for your home duties from LG

[ratings]LG Electronics is a well-known South Korean electronics company whose appliances and other gadgets are highly used all over the world. It was founded in 1958 and was known as a GoldStar. Later on, its name was changed to LG Electronics, with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Today LG Electronics sells its products all over the world sharing many-year experience and developing new unique features. LG produces mobile devices, tablet computers, smart watches, televisions and a big range of kitchen and laundry devices, such as:

Professional repair facility led by experienced technicians

Indeed, LG appliances quality is one of the highest and best ones in the entire world. However, incorrect usage, as well as maintenance may reduce the efficiency and primary capacity of the appliance, which can lead to potential faults. Those malfunctions can be easily detected by our technicians and repairmen whose task is to reduce the downtime to a minimum and quickly eliminate the potential issue. In case your stove or any other kitchen appliance needs to have broken part replaced with the new one, our Canadian professional services will do that. You will not have to carry your device to the nearest fixing facility – our services are available all over Canada and our repairmen will come directly to your house.

Knock Twice and See What’s Inside

The refrigerator LG Electronics has launched recently is an innovative and intelligent kitchen appliance with a completely unusual style and brand new features. It has a special “door-in-door” function that will help individuals save the gadget’s energy. How does it work? To be able to take a look inside in order to see what food you have, you will no longer need to keep the fridge’s door wide open. Just knock twice to minimize the black screen on the glass panel. Not only does it save the energy but also keep the food fresh as you do not open the door, therefore, do not let the warm air inside.

New LG fridge provides even more space in the freezer due to a new design that offers additional storage. Moreover, the refrigerator comes with a brand new app that allows individuals to regulate the temperature inside it using a smartphone.

LG ranges and ovens

If you are looking for high-quality range, whether you search it for your kitchen or you are the owner of a big restaurant and put the quality and efficiency on the very first place, LG ranges and ovens are here to help. LG Electronics represents both gas and electric, as well as dual fuel versions that combine a gas cooktop and electric oven below. It helps to cook meals faster and provides preciseness of baking when you use an electric oven. Gas cooktops give high heat output and allow regulating temperature when using it.