How to prevent mold in the washing machine


How to prevent mold in the washing machine

Black mold in the washing machine, unfortunately, is not uncommon and many customers know about it. But not everyone knows how to deal with it or how to prevent it. Not being a reason that washer doesn’t work properly mold nevertheless is dangerous to human health. Being on clothes it can primarily cause allergic reactions and upper respiratory tract diseases. Also, black mold is very dangerous for people with asthma and small children.

Reasons of appearing mold smell in the washing machine

To be able to prevent mold appearing is necessary to be aware of the reasons of this:

  • After washing cycle the remaining water stays in the sealing rubber of the hatch, detergent container, and, of course, in the drum creating conditions favorable for mold appearing and growth.
  • Everyone knows that the washing machine has a drain pump, as this is often a reason that washer stop working. A special filter is installed to prevent its break down and clogging. This filter tends to clog and needs to be cleaned periodically. Most often, this filter causes appearing of mold and unpleasant smell in the washer.
  • Using a large amount of detergents like powder, conditioner, rinse aid. All these laundry agents are not completely washed out and then remain on the walls of the drum, detergent tray, and on the rubber seal of the hatch. Over time, mold develops in this humid and sticky environment and begins to spread throughout the washing machine. Therefore, washer repair specialists always recommend to carefully read the instructions for the washing machine as it clearly indicates how much powder you need to use for washing.
  • Many people store dirty laundry in the washing machine until the next wash. This is not the proper thing to do because it is also one of the reasons for the appearance of mold in the washing machine. Spare some money and buy a special basket for dirty laundry.
  • Another reason for the fungus appearance in the washer is the incorrect connection of the device to the sewer. If the water is not completely drained, then, accordingly, it will stagnate causing the bad smell of dampness will in the unit. And besides that, the drain hose will have a constantly humid environment which leads to the development of the fungus.

Mold appearing preventive measures

According to the experience of our washer repair services in Toronto experts, it is necessary to remove mold and that issue should be addressed without further delay. However, it is better to prevent its appearance following a few simple rules. But, you must understand that these are just preventive measures. And this does not guarantee that mold will 100% not appear in the washer.

  • Take good care of the device and follow the rules for operating from the manual.
  • Leave the door of the washing machine slightly open after each wash; this will allow the washing drum to dry out.
  • Wipe the rubber cuff and the washer door with a dry towel after each washing cycle.
  • Do not close the door in the room with the washing unit. This is necessary for providing sufficient ventilation in the room.

Our reputable Toronto appliance repair specialists are always ready to help if you experience any difficulties using your washing machine. Just call us and book the same day service from an experienced washer repairman.

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