How to load your dishwasher correctly


How to load your dishwasher correctly

Dishwashing machines are indeed great assistants when it comes to cleaning a big amount of dishes that remained after family dinner or other special occasions. Some people don’t realize the importance of a dishwashing machine until it stops working properly, which often happens when you load it incorrectly. Our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area is here to share useful pieces of advice on how to load your dishwasher correctly to keep it run smoothly for a long period of time.

However, if you struggle with using your dishwasher as you notice certain glitches and malfunctions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service. Our trained appliance repair professionals offer reliable dishwasher repairs in the Toronto area, working with various types of dishwashers available from different brands and manufacturers.

Correct ways of loading your dishwashing machine

So, how to load your dishwashing machine correctly?

  • Make sure to read directions first. No matter what type of dishwashing machine you have installed in your kitchen, you will need to read the manual first in order to allow it to perform at its peak. The owner’s manual can reveal all the secrets you need to know about loading the dishwasher, as well as maintaining it correctly.
  • Bottom and top racks. The racks of each dishwasher have a different purpose and you need to be aware of that. Top racks, for instance, is for mugs, cups, and glasses. When it comes to the bottom rack, it is usually for plates and other essential eating utensils.
  • Do not pre-rinse. When it comes to modern dishwashing machines, it is not necessary to pre-rinse your appliance before loading it, especially if you clean it regularly. However, if you still notice some food debris, you can simply remove it manually without turning your dishwasher on.
  • Correct arrangement. All the plates should be arranged vertically in order to avoid blocking water and the dishwasher detergent from getting to the very top. When it comes to arranging stuff at the top rack, do not put too many items in there. Arrange large items horizontally to prevent them from falling and blocking the water that comes from the bottom.
  • Maintain the dishwasher properly. Clean your dishwashing machine thoroughly after having unloaded the appliance. Let it air dry.

In case your dishwasher doesn’t work properly, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff.

Complete appliance repair services

Apart from offering affordable dishwasher repair services in Toronto, our express appliance repair Toronto covers professional maintenance of the essential kitchen appliances, as well as laundry room units. The Toronto appliance repair specialists of our repair facility specialize in servicing the following devices:

  • Drying machines.
  • Washers.
  • Kitchen stoves and ovens.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Dishwashing machines.

Moreover, our services are available 7 days a week at affordable prices, accompanied by various discounts and other benefits. Our team of experienced and trained appliance repair professionals is here to get your appliances back to life regardless of what type of malfunction you have unexpectedly faced.

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