Glass-ceramic hobs and specifics of their use


Glass-ceramic hobs and specifics of their use

A large assortment of kitchen stoves is the reason for a difficult search and choosing the optimal model. Some housewives are satisfied with inexpensive stoves with a minimum set of functions while somebody cannot imagine a kitchen without an ultra-modern hob with maximum functionality. There are fewer old models on the market nowadays. They are being replaced by glass-ceramic hobs. Toronto appliance repair experts are here to share some useful information about their features and use.

Benefits and disadvantages of glass-ceramic hobs

This appliance is distinguished by its futuristic design and absolutely flat, “mirror” surface. It feels like the glossy slab can easily break or crack on impact. In fact, glass ceramics is a durable material.


  • Unique thermal conductivity. Everyone’s familiar electric stove with metal burners takes a lot of time to warm up and remains hot for a long time. The glass-ceramic hob heats up almost instantly and also cools down quickly, after a couple of minutes the surface will be cold.
  • Compared to traditional models, food on a glass-ceramic surface is cooked faster which reduces energy costs.
  • This appliance allows you to adjust the heating power, shape, and size of the heated area. This means that the same hotplate is suitable for dishes with different bottom diameters.
  • The glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean.
  • Modern models are equipped with a touch panel that makes it easy to switch to the desired mode.

Like any other material, glass ceramics has its drawbacks that must be taken into account when searching and choosing the optimal model. In addition to the high cost the following disadvantages should be considered:

  • Despite the fact that the glass-ceramic surface can withstand a drop from a pan, chiseled blows often cause cracks (for example, when a knife is dropped with the tip down).
  • Cookware with an uneven bottom, or inscriptions and drawings embossed on it, is not applicable.
  • The glass-ceramic surface should be washed only with special detergents for cleaning glass-ceramic and only with a lint-free cloth.
  • The heated surface can be easily damaged by aluminum and copper dishes, plastic, and sugar, including any sweet liquids. The stains that can form on the surface are very difficult to clean.
  • If you often put a frying pan with a wet bottom or a saucepan that was previously in the refrigerator on a hot burner, there is a chance that the stove stops working soon.
  • Some housewives are uncomfortable with the fact that when liquid is spilled from the pan, it immediately flows to the floor.

Glass-ceramic plates are designed for the most comfortable life. All kinds of options significantly reduce the time spent on cooking, and the sophisticated design and wide range of models allow you to choose a stove for any kitchen. For those who plan to buy a glass-ceramic hob, it is useful to know its design features and the principle of operation to avoid actions that could cause faulty home appliance.

If you experience any difficulties using your kitchen hob or stove doesn’t work properly our professional repairmen deliver affordably and speed stove repair services in Toronto.  Trusting your device to our trained appliance repair professionals you can rest assured that it will work long and reliably after being fixed.

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