Often our Toronto appliance repair experts deal with situations when most oven users cook using the upper/lower heating mode only and do not use the additional features. Even in a simple electric oven, both built-in and a part of a stove, there are several features that can and should be used.


The availability of a fan (or even two) on the back wall of the oven indicates that your oven has a forced convection function. Combined with top or bottom heating (or both), convection provides excellent cooking results, especially for baking. The process is working in the following way:

What does this give in practice? Firstly, you can cook at any level, both upper and lower, and not be afraid that something will burn or not bake. Secondly, professional chefs use convection to avoid mixing the smells of different dishes. You can cook meat and pies at the same time, and everything will be fine.

Low-temperature modes

Today, even simple oven models have various low temperature (40-80 degrees) modes. This is a great opportunity to use this device not only for cooking and baking. In the lowest 40-degree mode, which by the way is rare, you can make dishes that require fermentation (holding the dough, making yogurt, and other drinks that ferment). The next 50-60 degrees mode is perfect for drying vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms, especially with the use of convection. You can use the same modes for making homemade marshmallows and defrosting food. And, 80 degrees is a suitable temperature for simmering.

Steam cleaning (hydrolysis)

Many manufacturers claim that hydrolysis is used in their ovens, but any user can successfully perform this procedure even not having such a model. Pour water into a deep baking sheet or saucepan, bring to a boil and leave in the oven for half an hour on low heat (time depends on the volume of the water, you need to make sure that it does not evaporate completely). Steam treatment does not replace regular cleaning but it makes it easier. After cleaning with steam, you do not need to use aggressive cleaning agents. In addition, steam also penetrates where it is difficult to reach with a cloth or sponge.

The wire rack cooking

If you think that the oven wire rack is necessary to place trays and forms on, then you are mistaken. Vegetables (potatoes, beets, eggplants, peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes) can be quickly and easily baked on the wire rack. Meat kebabs are also easy to cook using the wire rack. Simply place skewers or wooden sticks with skewered meat on the wire rack and turn over from time to time. And the baking sheet must be put down to serve as a tray for fat and vegetable juice.

Professional oven repair and maintenance

Sometimes understanding that your oven doesn’t work properly is enough to spoil your mood and day. However, the solution isn’t so far. Our professional appliance repair service in Toronto always follows a customized approach to our clients that require oven repair. This allows our Toronto appliance repair specialists and oven repairmen to propose always efficient and affordable oven repair services in Toronto and GTA. Therefore, you can always depend on the help and support of our handymen to get your appliances back to life easily and quickly.