Features and capabilities of modern AEG refrigerators


Features and capabilities of modern AEG refrigerators

Modern refrigerators are not just devices for preserving the freshness of foodstuff. They are gradually turning into real culinary workshops that allow you to store food in various temperature zones with a separate microclimate. Every year they become more complex and better. The noise and energy consumption levels are reduced, and the models get a wide range of new functions due to the use of electronic control modules and special systems that even allow you to control the operation of the cooling device via the Internet.

Recently only mechanical control of parameters was available to users. Now adaptive technologies enabling adjusting the parameters of the work of the unit without human intervention gain the increasing popularity. In this article, our trained appliance repair specialists will help you understand the main characteristics, peculiarities, and sensitivities of modern AEG refrigerator defrost systems. This company is known for producing some of the most advanced devices in the world for many decades. So, what it can offer to the customer?

Refrigerator defrost systems

One of the most unpleasant aspects of using refrigerators, also causing various refrigerator fails, is the need to defrost them. Unfortunately, this process is necessary because it is based on the physical process of evaporation of moisture from food and its condensation on the walls of the device. However, AEG engineers were able to partially solve this problem by installing the Weeping Wall system and the unique NoFrost technology, which almost eliminates the need for defrosting, nevertheless having several drawbacks. Three main defrost systems exist:

  • Traditional.
  • Drip defrost.
  • No Frost.

Traditional defrosting systems are mainly used in classic models because they are not equipped with the advanced systems described above. This makes their periodic defrosting necessary and if this not done it could lead even to the situation when the fridge doesn’t work properly. However, you should not think that traditional models are lower than technically more equipped modern units. They are still popular due to their low price. Besides, the presence of high technology does not save users from the need to wash the refrigerator.

The drip defrost system is more progressive, however, this is also not 100% guarantee that the device does not need to defrost. In such models, moisture condenses on the back of the refrigerator, where it collects in drops and flows into a special tray where evaporates due to the high temperature of the working compressor. A feature of this technology is the ease of implementation, however, such models are subject to semi-annual defrost. The models where the fridge is equipped with a drip system and the freezer uses No Frost technology are quite popular nowadays.

No Frost technology almost completely eliminates the defrosting need of the fridge. The NoFrost principle of operation is the forced circulation of air inside the freezer. Moisture condenses in a special container, where it heats up, drains into a tray, and then evaporates. Unfortunately, this technology has several disadvantages. First, the volume of the freezer is significantly reduced due to the installation of the necessary equipment. The second, the air circulation drying up the foodstuffs and they must be stored sealed, or in special containers. The third disadvantage is the higher level of noise. Anyway, is up to the user to decide whether or not to buy a model with No Frost.

Today, it is very important to know how to properly use a particular AEG fridge freezer model to avoid its breakdowns. If the information provided by manual is not enough to keep the right and regular maintenance of your device our appliance repair technicians are ready to share their knowledge and experience with customers in need of refrigerator repairs.

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