It doesn’t matter if you have a stove or a hob it needs care. How to care for it directly depends on the material it is made from. Toronto appliance repair specialists will tell you which cleaning agents are the most effective, and what absolutely cannot be used on different surfaces.

Glass-ceramics care

Let the surface cool down, be sure to wear rubber gloves, apply a cleaning agent, leave for a few minutes, remove with a sponge or cloth, and then wipe. Cleaning agents for glass ceramics can be of the middle price segment, the so-called mass market, and the professional. Professional items, as a rule, are produced by manufacturers of household appliances.

Normally, they are more concentrated and require less time and effort to clean. They are sprayed with a thin layer using a spray bottle and contain silicones covering the hob with the thinnest film after cleaning. Cleaning materials for glass ceramics can be very different in composition so you just need to read the directions for use.  Use only the products which can be applied for glass ceramics cleaning.

A few more tips:

The Do Not list to avoid stove doesn’t work properly situations:

Stainless steel care

Stainless steel care products are often called polishes. Typically, the same compounds can be used to clean stainless steel stoves, sinks, refrigerators, and other stainless steel surfaces. The goal is not only cleaning but also maintaining an attractive appearance which is the reason we value steel in industrial design so much. Before buying a product, read the instructions for your household appliances. It is possible that your device has an easy-to-clean coating and then the aggressive effect of chemicals can damage it.

Things you shouldn’t do:

Any cleaning process should be done wisely and consider the characteristics of the surface. Avoid using cleaning agents that you are not sure would work for your surface. The professional cleaning products from the manufacturer of your household appliance are the best choice. Keep your stove surface clean and your kitchen assistant will serve you for a long time with no need for stove repair.