Dishwasher lights flashing

When the lights on your dishwasher start flashing, it can be a sign that something is amiss with the appliance. These flashing lights may indicate an error or issue that needs attention. In this guide, we will explore common reasons why dishwasher lights may flash and provide troubleshooting steps to help you identify and potentially resolve the problem.

Common Causes of Flashing Lights on a Dishwasher

  1. Error Codes: Many modern dishwashers are equipped with error code systems that use flashing lights to communicate specific issues, such as water supply problems, drainage issues, or malfunctioning sensors.
  2. Power Interruption: A temporary power interruption or surge can sometimes cause the dishwasher’s control panel to display flashing lights, signaling that it needs to be reset.
  3. Door Latch Problems: If the dishwasher’s door is not securely latched or is not making proper contact with the door switch, it can trigger flashing lights.
  4. Water Inlet Issues: Problems with the water inlet valve, water pressure, or water supply hose can lead to flashing lights as the dishwasher struggles to fill properly.
  5. Blocked or Clogged Components: Obstructions in the drainage system, such as a clogged filter, drain hose, or pump, can result in flashing lights due to improper water drainage.

Troubleshooting Steps for Dishwasher Lights Flashing

  1. Refer to the User Manual:
    • Consult your dishwasher’s user manual to identify the meaning of the flashing lights or error codes. The manual should provide guidance on specific issues and potential solutions.
  2. Power Reset:
    • Turn off the dishwasher at the circuit breaker or unplug it for a few minutes to perform a reset. Then, power it back on to see if the lights continue to flash.
  3. Check for a Secure Door Latch:
    • Ensure that the dishwasher’s door is securely latched. If not, close it properly to see if the lights stop flashing.
  4. Inspect Water Supply:
    • Verify that the water supply to the dishwasher is turned on, and there are no kinks or blockages in the water supply hose.
    • Check the water inlet valve for visible damage or blockages.
  5. Clean the Drainage System:
    • Remove and clean the dishwasher’s filter, drain pump, and drain hose to ensure proper water drainage.
  6. Run a Test Cycle:
    • If the issue persists after checking the above components, run a diagnostic or test cycle if your dishwasher offers one. This can help identify the specific problem.
  7. Call a Professional Technician:
    • If you are unable to identify or resolve the issue after troubleshooting, or if the flashing lights indicate a significant problem with internal components, it’s advisable to contact a dishwasher repair technician for a thorough diagnosis and repair.


Flashing lights on a dishwasher repair are a sign that something is wrong with the appliance. By referring to your dishwasher’s user manual, performing basic troubleshooting steps, and ensuring that the door is securely latched and the water supply and drainage systems are functioning correctly, you can often identify and address the issue. If the problem persists or if you suspect a more complex problem, it’s best to seek the expertise of a professional dishwasher technician to resolve the problem effectively and prevent further damage.


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