Common dryer issues to be aware of


Common dryer issues to be aware of

As the owner of a drying machine, you should be aware of some tricks and common issues that may happen with your unit so that you know what your next step should be. Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service of ours deals with a broad spectrum of drying machine malfunctions and our team of trained appliance repair professionals perfectly knows how to recognize them. Moreover, we are ready to share some essential tips and pieces of advice so that you know what to do when your dryer stops working.

Common drying machine issues and fast solutions

First of all, you should know by heart that regular maintenance of a drying machine, regardless of its type, is essential. Second vital thing is to call professional technicians as soon as you notice any glitches and malfunctions. Not only can Toronto appliance repair specialists provide you with informative assistance, but also repair any breakdowns by applying modern techniques. So what are the most common drying machine issues you should be aware of and what to do when you notice one?

The drying machine won’t turn on

In case your drying machine will not turn on, there are a few things you can at least try doing before calling a professional repairman. You can check whether your drying machine is actually plugged in. If it is not the case, thoroughly inspect the cable to check if there are any damages you haven’t noticed before.

Apart from that, inspect the dryer’s door because if it is not properly sealed, your appliance won’t turn on. That is why we emphasize the importance of thoroughly checking all the things that can cause a certain problem and maintain your drying machine correct. When it comes to maintenance, in particular, make sure to clean the sealing of the dryer’s door, too.

Damp garments

When you unload the drying machine and notice that all your garments haven’t been dried properly, it means you may have overstuffed the appliance. Just try putting fewer clothes in the drum to increase the performance of the dryer.

Yet, if it is not the case with you, the problem may be with the heating element of the drying machine. A faulty heating element often prevents a dryer from working properly and ought to be replaced by Toronto appliance repair specialists only. Keep in mind that the heating element ought to be compatible with your dryer’s model.

The third option is related to faulty washing. How are those two separate appliances connected? If there is a problem with the washing machine and your clothes are soaking wet, the dryer is not designed to dry such garments but damp clothes only.

Clogged vent issue and its consequences

How to find out whether the vent of your drying machine is clogged or not? If the vent is clogged, it may take a lot longer to dry your garments, whereas the interior of the appliance is unusually heated. Make sure to solve the problem on time, otherwise, a clogged vent may cause a fire you don’t want to.

Blocked gas

In case your drying machine runs on gas but does not dry your garments properly, make sure to check out whether the gas valve is opened, otherwise, the appliance will not be able to produce heat.

The best option would be to call our trained appliance repair professionals so that they could perform a full proper check and find out what the problem is, offering smart and long-lasting repair solutions.

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