Choosing the washer, AEG vs Miele


Choosing the washer, AEG vs Miele

The question of which washing machine is better is always relevant. When it comes to premium technology, people often hesitate whether to choose AEG or Miele. According to the experience of our Toronto appliance repair experts, the washers of these brands are considered very reliable and are appreciated by customers. Let’s figure out which manufacturer’s appliance wins the customers’ attention and why.

Functions and comfort of use

In terms of ergonomics, both brands are similar. Both machines are equipped with a convenient digital display that shows the remaining wash time, program progress, and other indicators. Both the AEG and Miele washers have a compartment for liquid powder, which can be important for users.

As for the functionality, it is also very similar. Both AEG and Miele have all the necessary washing programs: delicate, economical, fast, modes for cleaning jeans, outerwear, wool, silk, etc. The maximum possible spin in both models is 1400 rpm. The design of the models is similar as they have a snow-white body and LED display. The loading door has a silver edging.

Most of the AEG and Miele models have the highest energy efficiency class A +++ which means they are economical. Both models have automatic laundry load control. A special sensor measures the weight of the laundry loaded in the drum, then the control module adjusts the washing parameters, reducing the consumption of water and detergent.

So, if you focus only on price and functionality, a point can be given to the AEG appliance. The software, a set of additional options and functions, the maximum permissible load weight for the models are identical, while the cost of the Miele washer is noticeably higher.

Reliability of external elements

When deciding which machine to buy, AEG or Miele, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the components, the convenience of loading and unloading things from the drum, the presence of a leakage protection system, etc.

Judging by the feedback from users and professional technicians, the loading door of Miele washers is more reliable than that of AEG. The fastening of the Miele hatch is a metal made while the competitor’s part is made of plastic. Therefore, if you choose AEG, you will need to carefully handle the door.

If we talk about rubber sealing of the hatch door, it is made of durable rubber in both cases. Such a seal reliably protects the system from depressurization. The body of washing machines of these manufacturers will last a long time with careful handling. It is made of high-quality materials, so it does not crack or break off during the entire period of using the washer.

Frequently required parts quality

Choosing between AEG or Miele, users should also focus on the inside components of the models. The period of operation without the need for washer repair in Toronto mostly depends on how high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of basic elements. So, it is worth paying attention to the material the washing machine tank is made of.

Miele has a stainless steel tank. The advantages of a stainless steel tank are as follows:

  • increased reliability and durability;
  • prolonged shelf life.

The tank of the AEG model is plastic. Due to its lightweight, the amount of electricity consumed by the unit and produced noise is reduced. Also, this factor affects the cost of the device making it cheaper. However, a significant disadvantage of a plastic tank is less reliability. It can be easily damaged by a sharp metal object caught inside.

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