Owning a fridge, you should be aware of the fact that the inside of your kitchen appliance is a perfect environment for growing mold if the temperature is not maintained within the recommended range. The mold can grow if your fridge door seal is damaged and needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the warm waves of air from the outside can come its way through the door, increasing the temperature inside fridge cabinets and shelves. Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service is familiar with this issue, thus, we are here to offer instant solutions and efficient anti-mold fridge maintenance.

Due to the moisture that occurs when the warm air enters the cold environment of the refrigerator, mold build-ups can grow not only on the walls and any other plastic surfaces of your kitchen appliance but also on the leftovers. In fact, mold can be quite dangerous for the food kept in the fridge.

Reasons to avoid eating moldy food and the importance of correct fridge maintenance

In case the temperature of the fridge is not maintained within the recommended range, food mold can be a real threat for a consumer. Eating such food can cause certain effects, depending on how your body fights against fungus. Possible side effects of eating such leftovers are:

  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Sinusitis inflammation.

There are also more serious disorders caused by such mold kind, as Aspergillus flavus. This mold is more likely to appear on cereal grains and often develops during storage.

What is the perfect environment for growing mold in the fridge repair?

There a few essential factors that create a perfect environment for growing mold inside the fridge. These are:

  • Poor circulation of air.
  • High humidity inside the refrigerator.
  • Warm airwaves.

If there isn’t any fungus in the fridge yet, you can pay attention to the signs that the temperature inside the appliance is higher than usual. In case your food spoils faster and takes longer to freeze the food you store, make sure to get in touch with Toronto appliance repair specialists to receive proper maintenance and get your faulty refrigerator thoroughly checked and diagnosed. The longer you put off the process of repairing a broken fridge, the more consequences you can face in the future.

However, what to do if there is already mold in your kitchen appliance, and what maintenance will help to get rid of it?

Tips and advice if there is mold in the refrigerator

You can follow the following tips and advice if you want to get rid of mold in the fridge. However, calling trained appliance repair professionals first would be a smart solution as they can eliminate the problem locally, and provide thorough diagnostic procedures.

  • Remove anything from your refrigerator, including shelves and food cabinets.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean all the parts you have previously removed and let them dry naturally on the open air.
  • Put the baking soda on the dishes and put the dishes inside the refrigerator.
  • Lock the fridge door and leave it for a few days. Set the least cold setting and check the fridge from time to time.

As soon as you notice that the surface and walls of the appliance are clean and dry, you can continue using the device, installing all the parts and shelves you have removed to clean.

In case the problem occurs again, make sure to call our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area to be offered affordable and reliable appliance repairs regardless of where you are located. Our fridge repair services in Toronto are performed by our best specialists and experienced technicians.