Why the refrigerator fails while the freezer continues to work


Why the refrigerator fails while the freezer continues to work

You were about to get some food and suddenly discovered that the refrigerator is unnaturally warm and the freezer is overly cold? Or did the compressor work without stopping, despite the fact that yesterday it had been silent periodically? Unveiling such an expensive cooling device failure is not so good event, isn’t it? However, maybe the issue will not be as major as you originally thought, and you could avoid expensive refrigerator repairs. We will help you find out why the fridge stops running, and describe the possible ways to eliminate the detected malfunction.

The reasons for the lack of cold and ways to fix them

With the proper operation of the freezer unit, the causes of damage to the refrigerator can differ greatly.  Ranging from ordinary power outages to a serious compressor failure, which most of the time leads to a quite expensive replacement which should be performed by skilled appliance repair technicians in Canada.

The actions in the event of the suspected breakdown of the device should be as follows:

  • Determine which part of the fridge does not get cold.
  • Make sure that any sources of heat like stoves or heaters are not located right next to the refrigeration unit.
  • Figure out whether the rubber door gasket is undamaged; also make sure that there are no things (food pieces, shreds, etc.) blocking the door from being tightly closed.

Exploring the back surface of the device for mechanical damage, and all parts and components for rust and oxidization. Moreover, you should verify that the unit is connected to the mains correctly, and wires, extension cords, outlets are working properly, and the power supply in the room is functioning properly. Among other reasons is a door ajar due to owner carelessness. There is a permanent flow of warm air into the cooling chamber from the room.

Also, the cold may be missing because of the long-term operation of the fridge without planned defrost maintenance. Such wrong use of the device can even lead you to the faulty home appliance. In that case switch off the device, cautiously unfreeze it, and turn it on the following day.

Sometimes, there are cases when the freezer room is filled with food too tightly with almost no free space available. According to the service manual, this is highly inadvisable, since the air circulation requires enough space. When the foodstuffs for freezing placed close together and are tightly packed, the entire compressor’s power is spent for freezing this massive volume with not sufficient cold for the remaining chambers.

The refrigerator itself may be installed in the wrong place: right next to the wall, where the heat is condensed, or close to the heating system causing the temperature detectors failure. They send signals to the compressor that it’s necessary to increase the power, but the temperature inside the refrigerator does not drop down, because cold turns into heat along the way.

It should be borne in mind that proper handling and on-time quality service of the cooling device will maintain its working capacity over the years. However, if for any reason you suffer from the absence of cold in your device our competent and trained appliance repair professionals will quickly fix it completely restoring its functionality. Just call our Toronto appliance repair specialists that are ready to offer their assistance and professional service at reasonable rates as fast as you need.

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