Which washing machine drum tank is better: plastic or stainless steel?


Which washing machine drum tank is better: plastic or stainless steel?

Sometimes, our technicians from washer repair services in Toronto are asked about the washer drum tank. The main things our customers are interested in are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials used in tanks of modern washing machines. These are not commonly known things, therefore, our trained appliance repair professionals have collected all the information in one place to help our readers make the right choice when purchasing the new appliance.

In order to determine the selection of tank material, let’s first figure out what a washing machine tank is and its functions. The drum is the container where the laundry is washed. It is the element that you see first when you open the hatch of the washing machine. The tank is another thing. The drum mechanism is installed inside the tank. The water with detergents enters the tank first and then through special openings goes the section with laundry, i.e. the drum. The tank can be made of either metal or plastic.

Washer tanks materials

Recently, washing machines with enameled tanks have begun to be produced. However, the service life of such tanks is not very long. Indeed, as soon as the slightest crack appears on the enamel, it immediately begins to rust. For this reason, many manufacturers of household appliances have already abandoned the use of such material. Instead, they started using plastic or steel. To understand which material is better, let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks of each.



  • low cost;
  • the material shows high capacity for heat retention;
  • the low noise level during the operation of the machine.


  • fragility over time;
  • a short service life.

Stainless steel

The benefits:

  • long service life (about a hundred years);
  • resistance to various chemicals.


  • high price;
  • the water cools faster in the steel tank;
  • high level of noise and vibration while washing.

So, as you can see, it is impossible to give a clear-cut answer to this question, since each of the materials has its own pros and cons. Some of the manufacturers make the back panel of the drum tank from stainless steel and plastic sides. This makes it possible to reduce the disadvantages of both materials. At the same time, the cost of the washing machine also decreases.

If you do not plan to frequently transport your washing unit, then you can buy a washing machine with a plastic tank. However, in addition to the tank material, it is worth paying attention to other equally important characteristics such as capacity, water, and electricity consumption, etc.

Thus, the choice of material for the washer drum tank will depend on your needs and financial capabilities. But do not forget that quality steel is much better and more reliable than any kind of plastic.

If you ever need, our reputable Toronto appliance repair company offers regular maintenance and reliable washer repairs in the Toronto and GTA area. Our handymen are always ready to answer customer’s questions and fix any type of today’s washing machines.  Moreover, our Toronto appliance repair specialists also provide useful informative support and assistance, which we believe is an essential part of professional and affordable washer and dryer repair service.

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