What to do if the washer doesn’t lock the door


What to do if the washer doesn’t lock the door

The washing machines are generally reliable household appliances. But also can fail sometimes. If the washer stops working not locking the hatch door you couldn’t do any laundry as the water will instantly go on the floor. This truly unpleasant situation has a number of reasons:

  • Breakage of the plastic guide resulting in the absence of its secure fixing in the lock. As one of the frequently required parts, it cannot be repaired and replacement is required.
  • Misalignment of the hatch door hinges. This causes the lock tongue does not fall into the groove. To tighten or replace the screws may be sufficient to eliminate the problem.
  • Malfunction of the control unit. It does not send a proper signal to the door locking device, therefore, the door doesn’t lock.
  • A problem with the door locking device. It can be either a breakdown or clogging with small debris.
  • Damage or deformation of the seal.
  • Ingress of a foreign object into the rubber seal of the hatch.
  • The Aquastop system was activated.
  • The entry of a foreign object between the body and the door of the washer.
  • The hatch handle broke.

In any case, you should not try to fix the situation yourself. Unqualified repair attempts can make it worse requiring more expensive washer repairs later. Trust this task to professional technician providing top-quality washer repair services in Toronto.

Main reasons why the washing machine hatch door may not close or lock

The door lock is a precision device that has interlocking contacts that respond to the displacement of the tongue. If the latch doesn’t enter the slot and does not snap into place, the contacts will break the control circuit turning off the washing mode.

A fairly common reason that the door of the washing machine does not close is the skew of the locking tongue. The tongue itself is secured with a metal rod that can fall out. After it falls out, the tongue cannot be fixed, which means it cannot perform its functions.

In cases where the door is closed, but not locked, the problem may be in the door locking device or electronic control module.

The most difficult cause is a faulty electronic control module. If the required signal is not sent from the control unit to the door locking device, the door will not be locked. In this case, you cannot do without calling Toronto appliance repair specialists. The reason may be either in the burnout of the module or failed software. If the control unit burns out, the damaged component must be replaced, and in the second, it is enough to flash the software.

Things you shouldn’t do when the washing machine does not lock

Please note that when for some reason the hatch of your washing machine does not close, you cannot force to lock it as the lock tongue does not fit into the groove. If you don’t want to exacerbate the problem with a faulty home appliance, avoid doing the following things:

  • use physical strength and try to slam the door at any cost;
  • lift the tongue with fingers and any foreign objects;
  • pull the door, loosen it and forcefully slam it to the body of the device;
  • disassemble the lock searching for a malfunction.

If it is not possible to visually determine the cause of the malfunction, you must contact professional fixers for washer and dryer repair service.

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